Monday, 28 September 2015

Day6 Fansign Yeuido

Day6 is the new group debut under JYPE . Before this they are known as 5live. They have recorded a single -Lovely Girl for Pretty Man Ost (cast : IU and Jang Geun Seuk ) .
They also appear on Win jyp episode (alongside with Got7) . Day6 consist of 6 members  band* hence the name - Sungjin *leader , Jae (from kpopstar 1, he sang Toxic, Maroon 5's song) , Wonpil , Junhyeok , Young K and maknae Dowoon .

Lucky my trip to Seoul is match with Day6 's fan sign date...of course i should give a try.
For fan sign you have to purchase Cd from designated store within specific date . I have to purchase Day6 mini album - The day, at YPbooks , IFC Mall.

Thankfully IFC Mall is easy to access via Seoul Metro . Method ? Purchase CD, fill the form with your name and phone number. * Korea phone number will be better. Form is in Hangul , but as long as u can read "Ireum / name " (like me) it wont be a problem lol. The result will be publish on the store website.

Although i don't have high hope to be selected , i already purchase something like cap, mask as a gift and Malaysia's snack to give to Day6 *only if i get selected...i should be positive right ? Anyway i suddenly received a call from the store,(lucky i use Korea number)  they said i have to come back to the store coz there is some mistake. My guess is the staff mistakenly gave store copy instead of customer copy of the fan sign form. Anyway i manage to sort it out....Fuhhh

On result day : i open the link provided in JYPE- Day6 fans portal but i cant see any result of fansign....Dugeun dugeun...thank god my friend help me to browse the store  blog and yes my name is there!! Woots !

I found out the fan sign is an open fansign in the IFC mall. I need to verify my id and take my number for the fansign. Lovely Korean girl  , Wonpil's fan (which i forgot to ask her name ) gladly assist me and  show me where to get the number. well i got number 96 out of 100.

The staff hand out "post it" and ask us to write our name. Only English(roman)  and Korean  is allowed. You can take photo from your seat but you cant when you are in the line, of course selca/selfie is forbidden.

P/s of the day is done by Wonpil and Dowoon.  The seating arrangement is Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Junhyeok , Dowoon, Wonpil. The advantage of fansign is to interact with the members. 
This is what i can recall  when i was I'm front of them . I already ramble bout this on twitter haha so this will be a summary ? the fix script that i said t them will be I'm from malaysia, u have a lot of Malaysia fan...haha

Sungjin :  He likes dog instead of cat when i ask him to choose. The irony of dog person, he is wearing cat headband that time and looking so cute.

Jae       : He's like my hommies haha i dont ask  question but i just chitchat with him saying im from Malaysia. He said " i got y'all" being an LA guy.  He ask me to check the Malaysia spelling and i said it is correct when it is not. Lol sorry your cuteness is distracting my focus haha. He said thank you for the snack and gift.

Young K : He is wearing the Minnie headband - so pretty . He asked what is my  name ?  i said please refer to post it...well, coz starbucks staff allways get my name wrong haha. I asked whether i can still call him Brian,  He prefer Young K instead. so everyone ( and Jae too) please call him Young K

Junhyeok : He said my name while signing haha so cute with Korean pronunciation . He said thank you when i said he have a lot of fan in Malaysia. I also wish him Happy Chuseok

Dowoon : We have to wait due to long q of the ps. I ask him the dog or cats question again but maybe i don't speak clear enough , he just said im so sorry haha and still write im sorry for the P/s . Maknae sorry , I'm the one who makes you confuse.

Wonpil : He kind of startled when he saw me...ahaha maybe coz he need to speak English ? lol but he said thank you  and wrote a long PS...the writing  is bad in the end i think its my fault too lol coz i kept saying " wow that is long i will study hard lol " maybe im distracting him haha. Day6 fan is nice ,  in few minutes i already got the translation in twitter. Thank you for all the translation <3 which is " Thank you for supporting us, hope you enjoy the song ...."

The fansign end with their performance- Congratulations fancam  :  and FreeHage : fancam freehage

Everyone should watch them live!! I only take few minutes of fancam coz i need to watch them live and enjoy the performance.
Please support Day6 , listen to their songs and i believe u will also shaking your head to the rhythm.
Everyone also can  check on their predebut performance which they cover english songs. I like the Bruno Mars cover the most....urmm can we have cold play cover too... lol  a sudden request.

Day6 fighting, i hope i can see u guys performing in Malaysia . 

Thank you !!


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