Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Oryukdo skywalk Busan

As describe by KTO : "Visitors will be thrilled with the view of the waves while looking down through the transparent floor. The sea stretches out ahead of the skywalk, perfect for a photo op, as well as the best spot to see Daemado Island on sunny days. It has also been recently selected as a tourist destination where the Busan Korea Route stops"

Everyone need to wear the shoes cover provided at the entrance, the skywalk is in uturn shape. At the end of the skywalk there is selfie machine and u can email to yourself the selfie :)

the east sea

its free

The sound of sea is so soothing

shoes cover and  dont look down  plz!

Everyone is hiking

The video take i took on the transparent floor

How to go here :
1. By Bus :
Take bus no.27  at exit 10 Busan Station. ( there will be 2 bus stop ) choose the  one which display schedule for 27
2. Stop at SK Humun (backgate) ( it will takes around 30-40 min) from Busan station  , there are 2 sk stop so make sure u listen the name carefully..but evenso it is just next stop  (one is front gate and another is backgate)  so it is still pretty walkable
Fare : 1300 won cash / 1200won transportation card

2. By taxi 
1. Stop at Kyungsung university subway and take taxi to here

 There are cafe , toilet and information center provided. I met ahjuma in the toilet, she asked me "alone ?" ( thank god , i listen to Sistar 's alone so i understand her question) She then pats me and said chareso..( my kdrama korean language know that means good job) haha so i just reply back Kamsahamnida. hehe 

Oryukdo is very beautiful :)


  1. salam nak tnya klau naik teksi tu mahal x? hehe.. naik bus ke naik teksi ok..

    1. Kalau ramai naik teksi okla boleh share..naik dr stesen kyungsung uni. Tu stesen terdekat...tak sampai 6000 won rasanya.dr segi jarakla.cepat sikit kalau 2org or sorg naik bas pun ok murah 1200 won..cuma lama sikit dlm baslah sebab berenti bnyk stop

    2. oo.terima kasih sy pergi dlm 6 org.. :-)

  2. Can taxi fit 6 person, im going next month, also traveling with 6 persons.

    1. You have to take 2 should be 5 pax in car,inclusive the taxi driver

  3. Hi hi,

    The bus will announce the busstop SK Humun (backgate) in English right?
    And how do we go back to busan station after that? Taking the same bus 27 back?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes they are n it will be the same way back by bus no 27.

    2. Yes they are n it will be the same way back by bus no 27.