Wednesday, 9 March 2016

KTM ETS Malaysia

Sejak ETS melancarkan perjalanan ke utara, dapatla juga merasa balik kampung menaiki keretapi.
Untuk ke utara, ada 2 stesen terakhir iaitu Butterworth dan Padang Besar.

Haritu naik ETS Gold, KL Sentral ke Kuala Kangsar, *stesen terakhir Butterworth*.
Tambang beli online RM44. ETS9232 -9:15 am

For tourist who plan to visits Malaysia  especially Ipoh, Penang , you can also use ETS as it is comfortable and most importantly, you wont experience traffic jam in comparison to bus. Especially if you planning to visit during Malaysia  festive season - Eid Fitri and Chinese New Year. 

You can book on line and purchase at the counter.
FYI : KL Sentral station name in the online booking website is " Sentral Kuala Lumpur"
On line booking ( must register):
Booking fee : RM2
Credit Card : Mastercard and Visa

*chewah promote sikitla kut2 ada pelancong  yang google pasal ETS*
Kemudahan/ Facilities

Movie - but no audio only DVD subtitles. At the moment they keep showing Harry Potter
 Beg ringan boleh letak di atas tp untuk Beg besar ada di Koc F

Wifi : Not all ets offers free wifi, but the one that i board to Kuala Kangsar comes with free wifi.
Tak semua ETS ada wifi, tapi tren yg aku naik haritu adalah. Tapi bila balik langsung takde so boleh conclude tren silver from ipoh langsung takde wifi.

Soket elektrik / plug point so you can charge your phone

The plug point is below the seat and unfortunately you have to  take turn charging your device with the person next to you because there is only 1.

ETS9232 ada kemudahan surau  di koc C , tandas juga di Koc C

Cafeteria at Coach C
Toilet is also provided at Coach C
The Ets train comes with Silver and Gold, the difference will be the number of train stops to the last station..

The most frequent ETS train ( 2hour journey ) is between Sentral Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.It is more than 10 times per day which
includes train that final stop is Ipoh and via Ipoh. Maybe you can visit Ipoh first and then take another train to Butterworth or Padang Besar.

For tourist planning to visit Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar ( Kuala Kangsar laksa is the best and our mosque is the most beautiful ), besides taking train to Kuala Kangsar from Ipoh, you can take local bus from the bus station. The Medan Kit bus terminal  and Ipoh train station is just 5 minutes walk. The Ipoh train station is also know as Malaysia 's Taj Mahal because of its structure.

Ipoh's train station

Perak Transit is one of the bus to Kuala Kangsar

Orang - orang Kuale, ipoh mali, aloq staq jom balik kampung naik ETS

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