Friday, 24 June 2016

Mitsui Outlet Sepang

Mitsui Outlet Sepang is a factory outlet mall located nearby KLIA. They provide free shuttle to KLIA. They also have Tourist Previllage Pass so just simply present your passport.
Among of the outlets are Fila, Puma, New Balance, Lacoste , Hush Puppies, Carlo Rino. It is a partnership between Japan company (mitsui) and Malaysia Airport. Mitsui outlet is a familiar factory outlet store in Japan.

I suddenly crave Japan soft ice cream/ tetiba rindu nak makan aiskrim Jepun

Sesuai ke untuk bukan tourist....?
Untuk local jalan2 nak shopping sahaja bolehla...tapi aku pegi makan aiskrim je nak pegi Beryl masa tu weekday , dorg serve the famous pavlova weekend sahaja.

Yang menarik perhatian tp tak beli

Hasil haritu dr rm10 dpt rM8 sebab aiskrim dah nak habis sgt.

Bought this for rm8, the last soft serve for the day (original price rm10)

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