Monday, 17 October 2016

JYP Nation Concert Mix and Match In Japan

JYP Nation concert is a must for me....I cant go to Seoul but I want to go to any other stop. I don't buy any ticket to anywhere until I know when is the next JYP nation concert location lol...Once JYPe announce the date, the 3 days concert at Tokyo is also fall on 4th Sept = 2pm anniversary + Mark's birthday !
Double celebration !
After that Air Asia Big Final call happened...i can redeem return ticket for Rm600 ( what an  opportunity that cannot to be missed )

After Hokkaido i think I can travel light anywhere and I don't need to check in luggage at all.
With Aunee's reference (a friend from previous Tokyo trip) I manage to book a stay at Rumah Pelajar Malaysia. (1500Yen per night)

Yoyogi Stadium nearest station is Harajuku which is only 25 minutes from RPJ.Secured my JYPN ticket from Moge . I also help out to buy the  JYPN is still fun as if you are the one who buying it.... hahaha

The struggle when you need to q for the goods

I almost get a heat shock lol but this just make me smile ( im just helpin to buy this md lol)
One thing in Japan they always have the random cards and it is very addictive. The suspense and thrill of  opening the envelope  cover LOL. Plus there are 20 chances of meet and greet for 2pm and Got7.

Johnny appa
B'day Boy Mark

Every Hottest and Igot7 will display their cards so we can exchange with each other.

Got7 Jinyoung

Hi Khunnie

Jaebum ahhh ( a fellow Sg IGOT7 ask me to buy this card for her )

At the venue

J-Igot7 special booth
I bought goods for day1 ( q almost 1 hour), Day2 i went sight seeing and come here at 4pm to avoid the Q but most of goods already sold out. Day 3. ( I q almost 2 hours+ ) I dont know that I am such a strong will person LOL. 

preparation for D-day ( agabong pinjam dr kakton)

I understand it is summer but I don't expect it will be that is hotter than Malaysia K...n no wind at all. I know that JYPe Japan is the best marketer but they fail to seize another Yen opportunity ...if they sell the mineral water for people who q'ing I definitely buy one ( especially if the bottle is with any of group face lol ) ....ok gimme free ticket for this idea hahaha. In contrast for winter they can sell the coffee/hotchoc.

the ticket and free JYPN lightstick

my view -the only photo that i snap
Japan is very strict on the "no camera" rules. Of course I will follow it obediently.

My highlight ( not in the correct order of favoritism lol)
1. Momo doing a neko neko ni introduction and me doing "shashasha" together  with Twice lol
2. 2am 's I can let you go stage( Kwon , Bernard , Youngjae and Sungjin)
3. Like Oh Ahh with Khunnie, Mark and Jinyoung 
4. All 2pm stage ( i miss them so much) 
5. Got7 + JWY moriagatte Yo !
6. Born to be wild  Min and Kwon ( add on stage in Japan) if only JYP join the stage too
7. Jimin 's ( Try) - add on stage in Japan
8. Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely
9.Im so sexy ( I am Ilsan boys team) Junho , JB, Yugyeom , Chansung
10.Bang Bang ( the vocal is top notch) Nayeon + Jihyo + Yeeun + Jimin
11. Handsup stage 
12. Junkay telling everyone is Mark's birthday and Mark in return ask crowd to chant 2pm as it is 2pm anni.
13. The rainbow pretty ...p/s 2pm lightstick can change color to each member .
14. The rapper stage - Superman ( no JWY tho) but  still SWAG ( Jun. K , Jae, Young K, Mark , BamBam)Jackson is not attending the 3rd day concert.
15. Junkay - Thnk about you stage ( add on stage in Japan)
16. Day6 + Wonder Girls stage.


Super rookie Twice postcard is sold out too

Tower record at Shibuya

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