Thursday, 20 October 2016

Kit Kat Chocolatory Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Fancy a unique taste of Kit Kat ? Now you can taste Kit Kat Durian and Kit Kat Nasi Lemak too.
You can also make your own flavor of Kit Kat. The limited edition Kit Kat is made popular in Japan. They have range from Kit Kat wasabi , Cheese and Melon etc.Proudly present my home base Kit Kat Chocolatory in Malaysia.

Special edition : ( it may change every month according to the staff)
Kit Kat King of Fruits ( Kit Kat Durian) -Rm14.50

I can sense they only put a bit of durian tho...hahaha but yes u can still taste the durian in it.

Malaysia's own Nasi Lemak

Kit Kat Nasi Lemak (rm12.50)

It taste kind of weird lol but still eatable.

Kit Kat Banana Nuts Caramel Cluster

Out of this 3 , this is the best !Delicious and not weird , I am going to buy this again... the cheapest too ( rm9.90)

Customise your own Kit Kat ( RM22.90)
Step 1 :
Select your Kit Kat Flavour
Dark Choc/ White Choc / Choc

Step 2- choose 3 toppings

Step 3 - choose your packaging box.You can write your name + your own photo if you want.

Mine is KLCC background. For my kitkat I selected Dark Choc + Dried Blueberry+ Chili Flakes + Crunchy and Chewy Caramel

The final product :

The back of chocolate

Yeah who put chili in chocolate ??? The reason  i chose dark choc is to balance out the spicy chili. I like my chocolate..yummeh . Btw i wrote to KitKat Malaysia (Nestle to be exact), I suggest them to copy Kit Kat Japan. well they maybe have their own team to develop this but let me just think I contributed the ideas too lol coz I suggest the same flavor- the durian .

Our customised Kit Kat , my sis chose the green tea leaves + white choc. ( sorry but it looks like fungus hahaha)
This limited edition Kit Kat can be a Malaysia unique souvenir. It is unique and only sold here.If you are coming to KL, this is one of alternative.

Location : 1st Floor , Midvalley Megamall
Access : KTM Komuter ( Midvalley Station )

P/s : Other Kit Kat Chocolatory is located at Ikebukero , Japan ( been there once but I dont buy anything . I think i have blog about it and London.

Have a Break , Have a Kit Kat

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