Friday, 24 March 2017

A day in Gangnam : Got7 Gstarzone Apgujeong Rodeo

Got7 is now the new ambassador for Gstarzone , previously it was 2PM ( their senior).
It is located at Apgujeong Rodeo Subway.
Besides taking photos with  Got7 standee (the whole group + solo member) you can do a good deed by donating to charity.

I don't have a lot of photos but here is the video from my periscope:

I also went to  Jinyoung's stage greeting one day before at CGV apgujeong

I stay at Mapo, I take train at Hongdae. There is Jackson birthday's ad.
28 March. Happy Birthday Jackson, take care and be healthy!

Of course I went to JYPe too

oh and Highlight (previously Beast) office (around us) also just next to JYPe

reporting on Jyp Nation :
There is Somi's birthday ad too at Hongdae

while 2pm conquering
Express Bus Terminal , Junho and Chansung

Twice Mina's ad at the Cheongdam Prima Hotel bus stop

all this is in Gangnam. I also went to Kakao store at Gangnam ( Gangnam station)

Got7 is back with new music, please support Got7 's Never Ever.
Congrats on winning all the music show so far.

Here some unboxing of the final flight log, flight log arrival.

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