Friday, 24 March 2017

DAY6 concert in March

JYP first band - Day6 is releasing new single every month. They will also organise a concert at Hongdae every month. I went to this month concert.

If you are in Seoul early of the month, please go to their concert.
Check this calendar out:

You can buy the ticket here :
Venue: MUV hall
nearest subway: Hapjeong  Exit 3

My friend, Ani manage to get me a 100+ q ticket,  I am in front of the stage.Well, thank god coz if I got 300+ I am not sure how is my view since I am short.Jae is in front of me. However, do believe no matter you q  number is, you will be entertained with Day6 music.
Oh! 2PM Taecyeon was 1 one of the audience with me ( he seated upstair).

March is Sungjin's march therefore, they have like Show Me The Money Stage. Therefore all of them turning to hip hop star. I like the beat so much. I am having a cold that time but I really have a great time at the concert. They also reveal the March 's single " How can I say" before release.

They also have Starbucks card concept with a loyalty card. Lol. If you attend three concerts which mean you already have 3 stamps you can get some discount for the next one. If only I live in Korea I will go every month!

ticket and reward card

Jae is in front of me all the time but I don't manage to snap any good photo of him. Thank you for the shout out to the foreigner fan.

Most merchandise is sold out. Anyway, I think I am lucky with Day6, if it is involved with payment transaction lol.

recap :
1.I only buy few CDs and I manage to get into their fan sign (Congratulation Era).
2.In bangkok, I buy only 1 Thai Version CD and I won the group photo.(Daydream)
3.I bought 3 Daydream at Myeondong and 1 comes with Live card event! (the CD   is pass to Ani)
4. I organize a group Day6 March MD purchase and 1 buyer get Young K sign polaroid!
Although it is not directly to me it will pass through me lol

At the end of concert, everyone receives a copy of Day6  magazine March's edition

I hope Day6 become more famous and attract more local audiences. Foreign fan already know u guys, Billboard know u guys.

Day6 singles up to March :

January : I wait ( the perfect anime OST)

February: You were beautiful ( the ex song lol + continuation of Congratulations)

March :  How Can I Say ( which they also promotes at music shows) well I have to go back to Malaysia ..if not I will join the music show too.

Day6 fighting!


  1. Do you happen to know somewhere I could purchase the March slogan towel from someone? Love ya!

    1. Sorry i dont know...maybe you can search in twitter ?