Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Vote Day6 in MAMA 2017

Day6 is nominated in Mama 2017 for Best Band Performance with I smile.
Day6 works so hard this year with Every Day6 project. I think it will be the best if we reward them as the winner of Best Band Performance!

You can vote daily via login to your sns. If you have 3 sns ( Facebook/ Instagram / Twitter) they can have 3 votes daily :

For Malaysian MyDay I have a tiny giveaway. I will give you Jae, Sungjin and Dowoon photo  ( from Day6 official md) . 2 winners will be chosen. Jusr screencap the " Thank you for voting page" showing the time that you vote. 4 votes/ screencap is needed to qualify for this giveaway.
Email your name and the screencaps to (subject: Day6). Winner will be chosen by "random name picker". Giveaway will end on 15 November 2017

Preview of the photos that you will receive :
You will receive 3 pcs combo of Jae+Sungjin + Dowoon

Day6 has makes us smile ( or sobbing with sad songs) through the year, now it is our turn to make them smile. U smile I smile ( eh that is Bieb's) Anyway we should burn last year Day8 mistake by Mama and let them receive the award this year! Day6 fighting!

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  1. Winner already chosen for this giveaway. Thank you :) I hope Day6 win.