Tuesday, 7 November 2017

AirAsia X takes off to Jeju + Entrance Ticket Giveaway (Open to everyone)

photo credit : nature.new7wonders.com

AirAsia X has announced Jeju as their latest destination. They will fly 4 times a week starting in December 2017. The one-way promotional fare from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju is rm199.

Guess what?  It was 3am,  I just browse FB and I saw AirAsia status.Once I opened my AirAsia apps,  I  saw this promotional price of Rm199 with only 1 seat left. I just candidly purchase it. I think there is no way I will find this promotional fare again! I bought one way ticket first because I still don't know how many days I should spend at Jeju.( priority -grab cheap ticket first!) hahah.

Rm211 is inclusive processing fee :

Later, I found another promo ticket Jeju to Seoul via Skyscanner - Rm61 only. Jyeah! -cheap ticket again! Now I can go back via Incheon airport by redeeming my Big Points.

original price is rm626 but by using points during their final call promo you can get further discounts.

Just by using 540 points, I can purchase the ticket at 114,000 Korean won  = Rm433 ( save rm193)

For hotel, I choose Agoda as they have the option to pay later and 0 cancellation fee. You can book and lock the price first before the price rising up. Furthermore, you can gain AirAsia Big points with

Step 1: Choose and key in your AirAsia BIG id * under PointsMax programme* it is also open to other airline loyalty programme.Please refer to Agoda website for the full list.

Step 2: Please make sure that you see 2 sets of price display for the same room ( if you can't see it, the Points Max setting is switched off).  Rm123 is without Big Points but with paying extra Rm15 per night I can earn 1900 points.  As the previous screenshot, with just using 540points  you can reduce the original price and recover back the points + earn extra points.

I have not finished the itinerary yet but I am gathering Jeju information from this website :

I will not self -drive because:
1. I hate driving, I drive because I do not have any options lol
2. South Korea is Left Hand Driving country and I do not want to be stress out since I am from Right Hand Driving country.( British invaded country friends, puts your hands up! lol). An international license is required to rent a car in Jeju.

I will choose bus as it is cheaper. Useful websites for travelling in Jeju via bus:
Pocket wifi :
I will book it one week before departure and will observe which company have the cheapest rate. Either
Visondata or travelrecommends.com


2 x pair Jeju Loveland entrance ticket ( 1 pair for Malaysian,1 pair for non-Malaysian)
Each ticket worth 9000 won.
1 x T-Money ( for Malaysian only ) worth 2500 won ( 200 won inside) Please reload it before use.

I got 4 tickets for free but I do not plan to go there during my visit. Therefore, I will give it to anyone who has the interest to go to Loveland. Please read here first to know what Loveland is all about * not suitable for minor*: Jeju Love Land
/ Pastikan anda google dulu sebab taman ni kategorinya 18sx.

Terms and conditions.
1. Already owned a flight ticket to Jeju, Korea ( no matter which origin location and airline) / Sudah mempunyai tiket ke Jeju ( tidak kisah  dari lokasi mana2 pun atau syarikat penerbangan)
2.Tickets will be mail to the winner using normal postage for free. /Tiket akan dipos ke rumah pemenang secara percuma
*the cost of registered mail will be borne by the winners ( if required)./ Pemenang perlu menanggung kos postage jika ingin menggunakan servis pos express atau pos laju.
3. If there is no reply from the winner within 2 days, a new winner will be selected. / Pemenang baru akan dipilih jika pemenang tidak membalas emel selepas 2 hari.

Steps :
1. Share this blog post to any channel- FB/Google + /Twitter  ( at least 1 channel) at the botttom of this page / "Kongsi blog ini ke Fb/ Google+/ Twitter )sekurang-kurangnya satu. pilihan di bawah "page ini"
2. Fill your details in this form/ Isi borang ini :
Jeju GiveAway
4. Lucky draw will be drawn on 27 November 2017 via  "Random Name Picker" / Cabutan bertuah akan dilakukan pada 27/11/2017 melalui laman sesawang "random name picker"
5. Announcement of the winner : 28 November 2017 / pemenang akan diumumkan pada 28/11/2017
6.The winner is required to provide a screenshot of the flight ticket to Jeju. (Just for verification that you really are going to Jeju.( i just don't want this ticket to be wasted ) Pemenang dikehendaki melampirkan salinan tiket penerbangan ke Jeju supaya tiket ini diberi kepada pelancong yang benar2 akan ke Pulau Jeju.

Discount  Voucher ( one code only)
Travel 3 Sixty is starting to sell activity packages. I have rm100 off discount code with a minimum of RM600 spending. Please email me at helomoto2@gmail.com if you want the discount code. (Subject: Travel 3 Sixty Discount code).  I will update this once anyone requests me the code. Valid for one time use only.

Browse here for the activity available.www.travel3sixty.com  Honestly, I think, it is applicable for a group of 4 or 5. You can use this to purchase Everland ,Seoul entrance tickets or any activity that worth rm600.

Anyway if you don't win you can still purchase it at the entrance or browse for special packages provided by Jeju Loveland Discount Ticket and
Everland Discount Ticket - One Day Pass
Can't wait to fly with Air Asia and exploring Jeju!


  1. Thanks you for the participation. Winner has been selected :)

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