Saturday, 4 November 2017

T-Money ( South Korea Transportation Card)

T-money is a rechargeable transportation prepaid card. You can use it anywhere in South Korea, eg Seoul , Busan and Jeju.  The card cost starts from 2500 won.  You can buy this card and reload the preferred amount at the retail store eg 7-eleven , GS25 via the counter. This card can be used to pay for taxi, subway and bus. You just need to tap it at the entrance and the exit. The fare of using T-money is cheaper than cash.

You can also reload the amount ranges from 1000won to 10,000 via the reloading machine ( comes in English)at the subway. Please do note that you can also request for T-money discounted fare for teenager and children.In order to use this discount, you need to inform the 7-e/ Gs25 cashier that you are buying Teenager Card / Children . I believe you need to show their passport for verification. They will help to register the card.

Age :
0-6- free
7-12  - Children discount
13-18 - Teenager discount

Source : .visitkorea
Mode of TransportationAge groupTransportation CardCash
SubwayAdults1,250 won1,350 won
Teenagers720 won1,350 won
Children450 won450 won

If you are using android, you can download this app to check the card balance as it comes with NFC reader.

Below is my collection of T- money cards ( I got most of it for free by answering surveys from Korea Tourism). I answer the surveys from KTO office in my country and once I am in Seoul, I answer another survey( if KTO organizes an event). lol. Therefore always check your country Korea Tourism activity.

For Malaysian you can get the T-money with 2000 won reload inside by answering this survey :

You can also use T-money at 7-eleven and GS25, I usually pay for my Banana Uyu or mineral using T-money.

Refund :
If you have excess money in your T-money , you can go to any 7-eleven, GS25 for refund .  ( 500won processing fee)  . By the way, there is no expiry date for T-money card so you can keep using the same card if you go to Korea again.

Special  T-money card
You can buy your own Kpop T-money from Kpop cd store ( eg Myeondong Underground).  If you are Kpop fan don't forget to experience music show live.
Click here to experience: SBS The Show


  1. kalau travel 2018 end april nnt means kne tunggu survey 2018 la ye? huhhhuu..haaaa another thing, cherry blossom early may mmg xd ye sis? #kempunan.

    1. Aah kena tunggu next campaign.kalau ikutkan knowledge mmmg cherry blossom dah gugur time bulan May sebab peak dia pun 1-10 April kebiasaannya tarikh festival cherry blossom dorg pun antara tarikh ni tiap2 tahun. Last year pergi 15hn masih ada lagi. Kalau baca early May peak cherry blossom untuk Hokkaido Japan.