Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Wanna One Fan Meeting in Malaysia

 Highlights :

  • Wanna One arrived in Malaysia on Monday after their Macau FM. They took a low-cost airline to Malaysia. Their fan meeting is on Friday. Many speculated that they will have special project or shooting but Nah they just rest until the day of fan meeting. Daniel never got out from the room. (Ong, 2018)
  • The tickets were sold out during launch day, but some rock zone seat magically reopen and they even sell it via counter on the day of fan meeting. 
  • They are too many people in the rock zone which cause some fan fainted and the FM was stopped for 1 hours + to calm the audience. This is right after opening song and during the introduction of members.
  • I was not in rock zone and we can see how pack rock zone is from upstairs. Organizer should have estimated the number of audiences plus they already sold out why they still selling the rock zone ticket? The bad layout of the stage limit the rock zone audience view. The main reason everyone keeps on going to the centre... who paid rm500 to watch the screen? They should sell the ticket with a limited view at a cheaper price.In the end, everyone is seated on the floor, well they should have made a seating zone then. I hope they are reflecting.
  • Due to this, the game session was cut short but thankfully they don't cut the performance or any song. Thank god we still have Jihoon doing Jeojang.
  • Malaysia Wannables celebrated Daehwi birthday and sang happy birthday in English and Hangugo.

this is the  summary of games and performance :

  1.  Stadium Negara is reachable via LRT  Hang Tuah, Monorel Merdeka and MRT Merdeka. All stations are walkable but the nearest one is MRT Merdeka Exit B. 
  2. Foreigner, please don't sell anything at the venue as you come as a tourist visitor and only people with a license can open up a stall. I think a giveaway is ok but money transaction is not allowed.
  3.  Untuk Muslim boleh juga menunaikan solat Maghrib di dalam surau stesen MRT  selain surau Stadium. Tetapi masih perlu sentuk tiket touch n go ( caj Rm0.50) .

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