Tuesday, 30 January 2018

In-N-Out Pop Up Store in Malaysia

In-N-Out the famous burger outlet in LA was here in Malaysia. It was only for 1 day.
The special event was host by Stranger at 47.

I have never been to Amurrica but 2pm and got7 keep on eating In-N-Out that makes me curious.
Plus for Malaysia, they are using halal patty.  ( I won't get that even if I fly to America)

It was stated the operation hour is 11am so I went there at 10.30am lol I thought I have the higher chance. People are still at work or school. No, the queue is already long. haha so many people with flexy time, college student and retiree. Even foreigner is in the q ( bet they must missing the food).
Some even rudely "why they are here? they don't even know what is In-N-Out? Urm hello? But I think they just said that because of they already behind the Q.

The management is quite organized as they handed out tag.  By 11.15am, they announced that it was already sold out. The staff also advise that they might have extra burgers but it will be our own risk. I just only 10 pax away with people with a tag so I risk my time and energy.

My only regret is I don't bring my q list lol . Eq stool and usb fan. It was hot and I have to stand all the way for a burger.

 The In-N-Out staff come and chat with us.

Finally, at 2pm I was at the door and they still have burger left. Phew...they put the banner and the local staff are wearing In-N-Out work cloth too.

I ordered Animal style Cheeseburger.

You can see my number is 233 and the receipt address is in CA at the bottom. ( they still insert Kuala Lumpur under the sequence number)

It is delicious! the patty is juicy with a lot of lettuce. They serve it with chips tho, not fries ( if to compare with Jackson Instagram)

Sorry, you can't request to be one of the franchisees as it is family owned.

So I have tasted New York's  Halal Guys and  Shake at Shake Shack in Korea. The only halal Shake Shack is in Turkey. ( well maybe in the future I will go to Turkey) but I never imagined that I will try In-N-Out in my country. I am interested to visit Canada but I think I should go to America too if I go to Canada...well someday maybe.

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