Monday, 26 February 2018

89 Mansion - Lee Jong Suk Cafe

This cafe owned by Lee Jong Suk. My favourite actor from School 2013, I can see your voice, Pinnochio, W 2 worlds and the recent one with Suzy "While you were sleeping" From the cafe name 89 mansion you will know he is born on the year 1989. 

proof shot painted by LJS

I ordered Hot Chocolate after that I went to 1st floor but then the staff told me cafe is on the ground floor so I went back after taking some photos.  If you need to dine in go to the upper floor

back at ground floor
A snippet of my periscope. I think the barista is kind of cute? almost like coffee prince cafe the drama hahaha. Plus the barista looks like his character in secret garden the blonde guy ! lol ( i dont have any intention to record him but my drink is ready, sorry)

Nearest station : Sinsa
You can walk for 13 minutes but since it is winter I prefer to take a bus from Sinsa station. Install
Kakao Maps for direction. ( you can search in English but the direction still comes in Hangul lol) but the map is in English. ( you can refer the map too)

Bus number 240 and only need to walk 4 min. (Stop at Sinsa jung Hakyu)

You may see Lee Jong Suk here too if you are lucky ( I am thankful he is not there hahahah because I would not know how to react)


  1. Thanks for the idea.
    I will definitely go to this place.
    I'm his biggest fan.