Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Tickets to Twice, EXO and Wanna One in Malaysia

July will be a busy month for a kpop fan in Malaysia especially if you are a multifandom.  

EXO will be the first group to perform in Malaysia.

Date: 7th July 2018  (Saturday) 5pm
Location: Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil 
Nearest train station to stadium : Bukit Jalil station
Current Ticket status : SOLD OUT

Takde tiket ?/ No ticket? You can join this contest : 400 tickes available to grab with 100 tickets allocated for rockzone. Contest period is up till 26th June. If you are an Exo-L , this raya you and your guest will be drinking 100 plus LOL. Not a bad idea huh? stay hydrated with the chance of winning the ticket for free. Seeing oppa in front of your eyes- priceless !  Details below :

( If you cant see the embed post , the contest is already ended)

OR another contest from the shopping mall Atria

Last minute contest : ( by 3rd July 6pm)

Special Exo-L foreigner package / Exo-L Elyxion 외국인 패키지

Package include 2 x cat5 + transfers + goodies. You need to book a hotel in Malaysia first.

This MAYBE the hotel that Exo will be staying. Just my guess as this

is a 5 star hotel. Click the image to book.

Updated Exo contests on 22nd June 2018 
Astro Circle Facebook Contest :  ASTRO Circle

Hilton Asia : HILTON

2nd group will be Wanna One!

Date: 21st July 2018  (Saturday) 8pm
Location: Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil 
Nearest train station to stadium : Bukit Jalil station
Current Ticket status : Still  available
2nd wave of online ticketing : 20th June 2018 Wednesday https://myticket.asia/#event|wanna-one-world-tour-one-the-world|448

( If you cant see the embed post , the contest is already ended)

1)Contest by Samsung :

2) Contest by Sunway Pal :
Too bad I already sign up as member as this contest is only for new member. Wannables you can tag me via Instagram (goodgirlgotravel) and bring me along lol

3) Hilton

Epop Malay and Chingu FB : ( if u cant view the post it is already ended)

6) Astro Circle -winner get a goodbye session too !
( If you cant view the embed post , the contest is already ended)

7)  CJ Wow Shop ( they r also selling Wanna One  merchandise)

The third  group will be the cutie pies - Twice !  Sana will be back in Malaysia after predebut appearance in Got7's MV: A

Date: 28th July 2018  (Saturday) 8:30
Location: Malawati Indoor Stadium Shah Alam
Transport :  Taxi or Grab ( better use Grab)

Twice video greeting
 vip ticket comes with photo or hitouch opportunity. See you Dahyun and Sana.....!

Cant afford the ticket? try your luck with this contests :

( If you cant see the embed post , the contest is already ended)

LipIce :  https://www.facebook.com/MyLIPICE/

Celcom :https://m.facebook.com/notes/xpax/xpaxtwicekl-why-is-xpax-awesome-contest/10157430274773776/

Astro Subscriber : This is the most precious contest as you can also win a photo opportunity with Twice ! https://newastrocircle.astro.com.my/contests/details/123/astro-circle-twiceland-zone-2-fantasy-park-in-kuala-lumpur

Chingu Facebook:

 Astro OneTV Asia Channel:TWICE Contest


  1. ohoooohoi.. kawan dah berjaya beli tiket EXO. walaupun dah nak turn 30 ahaha nak buat macam mana.. depa ni mai time da makin tua =P

    1. untungla sebab dah sold out. Jangan risau umur bukan halangan, yang penting kita happy!