Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Twiceland In Klia...Twice cancel their concert in Malaysia

I have already mentioned in my previous blog post that I am going to Twice concert- Twiceland. I have attended their sunbaenim concert - Wonder Girls in Malaysia. Jyp girls jjang!

However, it was cancelled just one day before the concert due to a safety issue.  (The stage is tilt).

I was so devastated and I'm still hoping that in the morning  JYP will tweet again that the concert is resumed. I do not blame Twice or JYP... the fault is all fall on IME the organizer. They have to ensure all thing is smooth from the beginning without any issue. In January they oversell standing zone for Wanna One concert causing many Wannables to faint... sigh I really don't trust them but I like Twice

I watched Twice during Sixteen and my favourite is Sana and Dahyun. Mostly because they were in Got7's music video. I was there welcoming them in KLIA ( but the camera is out of focus lol)

They even attend the press conference asking us to look forward at the unit stage...sobs

The concert is supposed to be Twiceland In KL but due to this cancellation all Once gather in KLia to send off Twice. Now it becomes Twiceland in KLIA. They play Twice' s song and even fan chant to it. There are so many fanboys! That is one of the other reason makes me want to attend the concert. I think it is fascinating esp in Malaysia.

oh and I even do a giveaway as I have Twice poster ! ( I will mail it to the winner )

My fav cries....I managed to see them from far

Twice even posted an apology on their Instagram and saying Jumpa lagi. However Twice's Sana post is more heartbreaking. I even joke with my friend " Sana mesti berlagak dengan member Twice yang lain sebab dah pernah datang sebelum ni"  Sana will be bragging to others that she was in Malaysia before for Got7's A.

Ime promised to refund but I want to watch Dahyunism stage! I want to dab to Likey, I want to do the shy shy shy part together with Sana. Malaysia supposes to be the first stop which they will performed Dance The Night Away....

Deep in my heart I even hope they just perform the songs in normal stage...its ok even without the other effect/ special lighting/ led....but what to do Ime fail to negotiate.  I hope you will be back again here Twice. This unnie will be waiting.

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