Thursday, 22 August 2019

Twice Concert Twicelights in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Twice finally in Kuala Lumpur, 1 year after the last-minute cancellation. This time it is held in Axiata Arena. We came early just to feel the concert buzz.  There are Twice banner for each member. It almost felt like I am in Seoul except hotter weather lol

Despite selling only Candybong and trading cards the q was long. I don't even attempt to q.
 We eat lunch and waited until our section q. The vip section received a metal straw as a special gift.

It was a standing zone but I could not see Twice member properly except for the screen.  I guess next time I will choose seated. I have a good view in Jakarta for standing tho.

Just some of crappy  fancam mostly their speech

Self introduction in Bahasa
Apa Khabar = How Are you = Anneyonghaseyo
Nama Saya = My name is = Cho ireumun

Playful Dahyun- Bagus !

Jihyo about last year cancellation


After the concert ended, I directly q for the hi-touch. It is so funny looking at the fanboys feeling so nervous about meeting Twice up close.  It is just a short interaction but a meaningful one. I managed to say Yeppo for each member. They all look at me and smile.

Highlight -
1) Boys fanchant is so refreshing lol. But I still think it is 50-50 ration of females and males fan
2) They added Malaysia during Yes or Yes. Jeongyeon " Malaysia I have something to say..
3) At the end, they have missions for Once which include dance, fanchant
4) They sing all the singles encore is done with Signal and Knock Knock
5) Unit divided into - Jihyo and Momo, Nayeon+Jeongyeon + Chaeyeong,  Tzuyu+ Sana + Dahyun
6) Momo Parents and Tzuyu's mother attended KL stop.
7) Twice fan made vcr is very touching and include Be as one to include Mina.

The fan event banner which include Malaysia's landmark. Good job !

Here is Twice SNS Manager praising Malaysia once

Anyway here is Twice sharing the spotify Twicelight playlist.

Anyway, I guess as they promise I will also attend next year concert. In the meantime they are preparing for their next single! All the best Twice. Saranghae !

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