Sunday, 24 March 2013


I am not sure whether everyone can enter this  or is it  luck  but i got to enter CS GYM .Yeay!!
No no the owner wasnt there...u girls.
It has 2 floors. 
Here are some photos that i took ( a short tour, i also dont want to interrupt them ). It is still a business operation. 
If you wanna to come here everyday please apply and become a member. Who knows who gonna drop by....
Call 542-2110 !

The motto itself is DAEBAK  " Everything is possible with CS" 

The buildin n the poster

At the lobby

Some muay thai
no no /andwae diet list
pretty colorful dumbell
men's health covers
one of the equipments
Guide to here :
Thank you CS Gym staff and trainer oh btw u can also left some gift to the sajangnim here  :)

To Chansung - i hope you have a good successful business


  1. Not that lucky the boss was not around that time :p

  2. yea..wouldnt it be fabulous if the members are there!! ^^

  3. haha that will be daebak !!!