Saturday, 30 March 2013

Seoul aku dtg lagi

Thanks to Dato Tony  random lucky gift, I'm the lucky one to get the 0 fare tix to Seoul. bayar tax je rm120 ..takkan dpt kali kedua dah..Im very grateful, i never thought i will come my findings less than a year there is new station call apgujeong rodeo..the 4 seasons house if open this time .

But since there is limit of time to redeem this ticket(heol org dah bagi free takkan nak demand plak) so i just choose March ( actually i want to wait till 2PM comeback so i can go to all fansign , music show) but till Feb still no announcement. Jun. K is in musical so this is quite perfect time.. 1/6 member jadikla :)

the weather it is still between -1 to 8 Celsius with no snow. Snow is beautiful i once experience snow im so south east Asian i cant stand coldness, slimy , wet feeling it is quite perfect for me only need 2 layer oklah!

i speak more hangul and taste more ori korea food this time...unfortunately  my  Teacher which i met last time in Seoul is outstation so i cant ask him to treat me lol.. but its ok i don't want to trouble him
the banner at the back said Jakim auditor..sama plak time datang

White rice available at  7e or GS25.. u can just heat it using microwave or rice cooker..makan ngan serunding sedap n jimat !!

Btw this time stay at Malaysia guest house Itaewon selesa tp kena mendaki gunung..haha around 8 minutes to 2 nearest subway . but okla contonhnya ni siap dah ader kiblat dah

sempat gak makan bibimbap - 5000 w area eljiro - jonggak

i dont think i will come back again..but who knows..

hmm apart from that i also experience white takder saper nak bg chocs..
white day
 tp takper ader gak khun moment on 13/3 ..huhu

Oh since i got cheap flight ticket so i decided to stay few days at hotel. I choose ibis gangnam.
It is 10 minutes fr subway but okla still comfortable

Coex is also 10 minutes away

While we were in coex , there is Samsung exhibit so we manage to get free cotton candy

There is also everysing here
bought some Dream High post - it there :)

Other item available :


  1. wahh,, so envy with you can go to seoul <3
    i wanna go there too this year

    thank you for you blog^^
    give me more information to go there

    1. hi thanks. i hope u can go to korea this year and have fun :) !

  2. salam adik!
    enjoyed reading your blog ! Thanks for the info and directions ! :) Im heading to seoul this June, any tips esp since im bringing my lil boy 4yrs along too?

    1. salam... June - summer okla tu panas.. so bole pakai ala Malaysia jer..kalu winter sure your lil boy tak tahan. maybe dia akan sukala kalau pegi theme park eg Everland or Lotte World...ader maskot comel2