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Monday, 8 May 2017

got7 in Perth Australia

I always want to go to fan meeting outside Asia. First, the rules are not that strict and usually, there is no barrier between the stage and fan LOL. When organiser hint that they will go to Australia, I have already make a saving of RM1 everyday haha  Sydney fan meeting was announced first, I was online during Sydney ticket sales but the system keeps on rejecting my address so it was sold out.
I already give up my Australia dream fan meeting,

But suddenly they announce Perth stop....hmm should I? Perth is only 5 hours flight and the time zone is same with Malaysia.The thing is all flight ticket is expensive now...where as when they announce the Australia fm tour AirAsia return ticket is only Rm700. I also need to submit something on the fm weekend. In the end, I just follow what my heart want,  I think I need to go because who knows when is their outside asia concert or fm? I definitely cannot go to the USA due to budget and visa. Thankfully I still have Big points left and I get to lower the flight ticket price a bit.

I am going to watch Never Ever live stage for the first time! yeah

.The venue is small and from fan respond, Got7 is the first Kpop act to come to Perth after 7-8 years hiatus of Kpop performance there. I can see all walk of lives and races coming to the fm. Everyone is having so much fun. Too bad Youngjae is not there.

I took a few fan cams mostly on the game because for songs I rather enjoy the performance.

1) MarkBum game time

2) Jinyoung- Yugyeom game time

3) JB's english ment ( thank you for being outside of your comfort zone, you are doing great !)

4) Jinyoung's english ment (Noona is so proud of you- your english might be better than me)  and Jackson ( take care jackson)

+ other shot videos is upload on my channel

They also sell Merchandise but hmm it is in Aud plus I am not a fan of merchandise anyway. (however I will be in trouble if I go to Japan tour as they merchandise is the best). Anyway, I bought this plastic bag just for memorabilia.( Aud 5)

All vip buyer will get at hi touch pass or a photo op. There finally I have a photo with Got7.

thank you Got7 


  1. This it the first blog post I read of yours, I like it! Thanks for writing this and the videos! :) and for supporting got7 while in Australia! I'm an Australian IGOT7 (Melbourne)

    1. Thank you for reading it...yeah i like Australia

  2. Can I share your post to my friends Facebook Page/group? It's new so not much content yet.
    This is the page:

    I think your blog is suitable for this Fb page because you're an IGOT7 travelling on a 'budget', which includes being thrifty :D

    1. Ahaha yes i am a thrifty igot7 lol can share it if you think it is relatable :)

    2. Ahaha yes i am a thrifty igot7 lol can share it if you think it is relatable :)