Monday, 8 May 2017

Halal food and Perth Mosque

Perth Mosque

Really similar to middle east Mosque.  * take bus no 60 stop at Brisbane street ( still within city so 0 fare) lupa pergi Mosque ni hari yang sama pergi Penguin Island, Rockingham ( masa tu beli day rider so tak keluar duit tunjuk tiket tu je) Sehala / one way $2.10 dari / from Elizabeth Quay

Halal cafe
Most Nando's in Australia are using halal chicken. Ask the staff for confirmation. I visited Nando's at William St.

Ihsan Cafe - Murray Street ( near Haystreet Mall)

big portion I even take out the left over for dinner

Prayer room - Perth's Airport
-Shared female and male
- Wudhu' place and qiblat direction provided
-I dont see any telekung

If you are taking AirAsia midnight flight, you can perform Subuh prayer at the airport prayer room.

Interestingly dekat Australia bole juga beli Halal chocolate ( comes with Halal Australia logo)

Most products of  Mars Chocolate Australia is halal.

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