Thursday, 20 March 2014

Kobe Mosque and Harborland

After visiting Tama,we decide to go to Kobe.(it takes almost 1.5-2 hours) as report in hyperdia inclusive of transfer time to Kobe via train fr Wakayama).Kak Uda browse the Kansai Thru Pass guide and found out we can take high speed boat from Kansai Airport and reach Kobe in 30 minutes. Ok high speed boat it is!
From Wakayama we take the Nankai train to KIX. This count a 3rd time visit to KIX  , should we try another round of Udon? lol

They are promoting the Kobe-Kansai Airport bay shuttle services by  giving 50% discount for foreigner.Only  if u use the services on the day of your arrival at KIX. The staff checked our passport but yeah we already arrived Japan 2 days ago. We are only entitle to discount of 100 yen for using the coupon with Kansai  Thru Pass. normal price 1800 Yen

High speed boat to Kobe
The staff bow when we arrive and after we ride the coach
We then take the small coach provided to the Kobe Airport which link to Portliner (train ) to centre of Kobe.We dont need to pay extra as Portliner is covered under Kansai Thru Pass.

From portliner you can view Kobe Tower,Ikea in Kobe  and i captured this because i see sogo
Our first destination is Kobe Mosque. We stop at Sannomiya station . We read it is 10 minutes walk. We ask around but they don't know much/ or hard to explain to us. We also try google map but  it seems its take longer time maybe because its use only main road to get there. Last resort, we take the taxi.Hehehe. At least 4 of us can share the fare. The metre start with 660 Yen.However the traffic was quite bad we end up paying around 900 -1000yen ( lupa sudah)

Beautiful Kobe Mosque

Cite from Wikipedia  Masjid Kobe
"Kobe Mosque (神戸モスク Kōbe Mosque?), also known as Kobe Muslim Mosque (神戸ムスリムモスク Kōbe Muslim Mosque?), was founded in October, 1935 in Kobe and is Japan's first mosque.[1] Its construction was funded by donations collected by the Islamic Committee of Kobe from 1928 until its opening in 1935.[2] The mosque was confiscated by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1943. However, it continues to function as mosque today. It is located in the Kitano-cho foreign district of Kobe. Owing to its basement and structure, the mosque survived the air raids that laid waste to most of Kobe's urban districts in 1945 and was able to endure through the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995. The mosque is located in one of Kobe's best-known tourist areas, which features many old western style building."

We met Aminah Nur ( a Japanese Muslim with Hijab ) at one of the Halal store in front of the mosque. (There are 2 halal grocery stores nearby the mosque area).We ask her if there is any halal restaurant around. Only one restaurant at the end of the road. However the restaurant is close and only will reopen at 5PM. Aminah then brought us inside the mosque and ask us to wait and pray there first. We want to take her photo but she decline and said she is shy, she hopes that we include her in our do'a.Semoga Aminah sentiasa diberkati Allah S.W.T Amin.

inside the mosque

Its 4 season county, Alhamdulillah ada air panas untuk ambil wudhu'

Tandoori chicken (lunch + dinner combine)
Kat Naan inn ni ada selebriti pernah datang rupanya. Siti Nurhaliza dan Aizat. Actually i thought the chicken is only 1 piece but it is actually a whole chicken?? lol sebab lapar takle fikir lurus dah, we end up take the leftover back to hotel.

After take we went to Harborland to view Kobe in night. We also went to the nearby mall and went to Uniqlo. They have stock clearance for some item but not my kind of style.
Kobe tower

The Harborland station is just nearby the mall. We go back to Osaka using Hankyu line (both cover in the pass) . Its almost 9pm not  many people around so we manage to get a seat.

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  1. I think it looks amazing. I'm not sure I would have had the patience that you had though!Santa Barbara Green building