Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tama The Station Master / Tama si kucing di Wakayama

Once i knew that Wakayama is near Osaka , its decided we must visit Tama!! I like cats.. one week before we went to Japan, our home cat OC sad... kalau teringat rasa nak menangis ...
Anyhow life must go on...

How do u go to Wakayama ?
Tama works at Kishi Station  , Wakayama Electric Railway.
Since im using Kansai Thru Pass. This pass cover Nankai line which stop at Wakayama. Actually it is nearer to go to Wakayama from Kansai Airport ( only few stations) .But since we arrive Kansai at noon from Fukuoka/Tokyo, we decide to visit Tama early in the morning the next day. The advantage of  owning the pass, u can use it to ride the same line as many time as u want. From Nankai Wakayamashi -we exchange to JR Wakayamashi and stop at JR Wakayama .We have to purchase additional ticket 140 Y as Kansai Pass doesn't cover JR.
Anyhow it is advisable to check the schedule in Hyperdia so you dont have to wait so long for the transfer.

We got confuse a little bit using Nankai to Wakayamashi as the announcement is in Japanese but still u just need to ask and they will help u. eg Wakayama ? The staff answer answer hait! ok ! The Train master will also bow to u when he start the journey.
JR Train to Wakayama station "so flowery"

Once u arrive at Wakayama, u can see Tama everywhere.Just follow the photos and u will get to the ticket counter. The worker doesnt speaks english but she has a card in English which explain it is cheaper to purchase return ticket  for 640yen. The Wakayama Electric station has normal plain train or special train - Tama, Toy and Strawberry . You can ride it according to the schedule. Unfortunately during our visit only Toy and Tama Train available

Working schedule
We also found out actually there are 2 calico cats here- Tama and Nitama. Nitama is junior than Tama. It is Tuesday so we can meet them both! We ride the normal train to Idakiso station to meet Nitama first.

They also sell Nitama merchandise here.


At Idakiso we ride the Toy Train or Omoden to Kishi in order to meet Tama. The train is full of toys of course.

There is place for baby and u can try the toy machine inside the train

View outside of train

Huge banner welcoming the visitor

Cute Tama but she is sleeping
Oh yup u cant touch  u can only see her from the glass.At first i thought i can hold her, i dont know she will be in her room but its ok let her do the job. The job  description is inclusive sleeping inside the office...hehehe.

The station also looks like a cat
U can purchase some merchandise and relax at Tama cafe.

button badge

My hot choc at Tama cafe
Ofcourse we need to ride the Tama train back to the JR Wakayama station weee.

Inside Tama Den


 They also has Doraemon comics inside it...well because Doraemon is a cat!! err but due to tragic incident he lost his ears...sobs. Manage to record few secs video inside Tama Den

Anyway there are other activities eg picking Strawberry (hence the Strawberry train) and other place to visit besides Tama, but we only spend half day here coz we want to go to Kobe .

Tama is just a cat  but she save the railway and the town by bringing a lot of visitors. I believe the town folks treats her well, she has day off u know and besides her work is only sit there and sleep.

The official website regarding this railway and schedule

One funny thing, as i already check the schedule from JR to Nankai Wakayamashi, i inform my sister she has only 10 minutes to go to toilet.From schedule the next train is another hour if we miss this train..its cold i cant  wait another hour.The train staff (female) already indicate the train will depart soon by honking (not sure what is the correct term)  lol... but after that, only my sis appear and i ask her to wave to the staff... i also shout out "chotomate"/WAIT  (lesson from J-drama years ago)  The train door open...fuhh..Arigato. Anyhow i think because of us, knowing how punctual the train in Japan, we may has cause a few seconds delay to the schedule...kominasai.Sorry . Anyhow visiting Tama and the rural Wakayama is a memorable experience to us.

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