Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Glico Man - Osaka Landmark

One of the famous photo spot in Dotonbori , Osaka is Glico Man neon board.
The neon board is Dotonbori landmark since its construction in 1935.

You must be i heard this Glico word. Well this is because it is one of famous food company from Japan. Have u heard Pocky ? Or in Malaysia the name is Rocky. (I think Indonesia and Thai also use Rocky)
I learnt about globalization in marketing class and Rocky is one of the example.A company need to fit its local market. Pocky is sound similar to offensive word in Bahasa which is why they change it to Rocky.The company logo is the running man as in Japan they call Glico man.
Pocky in Japan

Rocky in Malaysia
Rocky is certified Halal from Thailand Authorithy.

Oh back to Dotonbori is also known as food street. I would like to try the soft crab but i think it is expensive so bye bye crab.

Dotonbori Canal

We also found this halal restaurant but we already eat dinner by that time.

Both Namba and Nippombashi station will lead you to Dotonbori street & canal . However Namba is nearer to the Glico neon board.

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