Monday, 10 March 2014

My short trip to Fukuoka~

I bought the flight ticket to Osaka  during sale. Once 2pm announce the Japan Arena tour dates,  i found out the Fukuoka stop is on the day i arrive at Osaka.Yeay It is really hard to resist knowing i will be in the same country with  so i add Fukuoka in the itinerary

Japan promotes foreigner to fly within Japan especially if u flying with airlines under Oneworld. However their one way ticket cost 10,000 Y. The shinkasen fare is more expensive than airfare . The only way for me and within my budget will be Low Cost Airlines. Peach, Jetstar Japan etc are some of the low cost airline. I choose Peach as i can get return ticket to Osaka in that range and the the schedule match mine.

Once I arrive at Kansai airport , i pickup my rent wifi and put my baggage at storage service. I'm flying only with my backpack as I'm coming back the next morning. I try to locate Peach Counter,  only then i found out Peach is the only company fly via Kansai Terminal 2 and i need to ride bus to go to Terminal 2!.Thankfully, its only a short ride and the frequency is acceptable, and i have enough time.

Peach waiting area

Peach merchandise

I think that is Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka is situated at Northern shore of Kyushu Island. The airport has subway connecting to main city.
Therefore it easier for tourist and their subway is not complicated as Tokyo and Osaka.
Oh btw i also won a pass for 2PM open rehearsal therefore i rush to the main event location first before check in. I took subway to Hakata and ride bus to the Marine Messe. ( i just ask around  they said yes yes 2PM)

Marine Messe

It is a very beautiful port
We need to buy 2PM Genesis album and inside the album will include 1 code series and u need to enter it in the given website which will tell you whether u win the rehearsal pass or not. Lucky me Tesh and Jae has assist me, i got in. I feel so excited knowing not everyone will get this chance.
Rehearsal sticker
My view
Besides 2PM , GOT7 performing as special guest in rehearsal... hehe they are cute. They sang Follow Me and Girls Girls Girls. 2PM rehearse 5 songs and there are  2 songs near the extended stage (my seat).

Culture shock
I have a little bit culture shock here, i know that the rules will be no photo and video but usually we still can capture some via hand phone.But none of them do that . So the photo above is the only one i captured . As a guest i have to follow and respect the host rules. It is a shock to me as it is my first time in Japan concert and i have to fight my desire to capture Khun in blue sweater.So kawaaii. hahaha. The image only store in my memory not my memory card..uhuhu. I contemplating between this thought for like 15 secs "i want to snap this/ no u should not" which in the end i decide "ah i should just focus on the rehearsal" i guess I'm really a good girl then...(perasan) !! The guys are wearing and looking so casual. I also saw Woo upcose as he standing on side of the extended stage. 

The concert
The ticketing in Japan is quite complex and it has balloting system. Besides it is all in Japanese, better if u have a Japanese friend. Tesh  know Miho,so we communicate via Line and I met Miho and friend at the venue , Miho even give me a set of Hello Kitty item~so sweet. (i have some guilt as i dont give her any except some snack) kominasai. The best thing is although we cant communicate easily (we use google trans) we finally found out we both know basic Hangul (coz of 2PM obviously). 

The concert ticket

The Fukuoka stop is Khun stop so they are selling some limited item only for the stop eg Red towel and red beg here. Since it is long q i decide to purchase when the concert only about to start about 15 minutes ( less q) but some item already out of stock eg the Yazoo doll.(it will not fit in my backpack anyway) 
the towel is useful in next generation song as what the guys demonstrate in rehearsal..hee

Im looking forward for the solo performance and oh my its beyond expectation.

NK- u  look so handsome in that Pilot suit, n i like Mocha too.
JWY - well..... that is so genereous of u
JH- i like Hey U so much !! feel so rockish
TY - cool song and stage . Yerin voice fit perfectly.
CS- modern dance rocks!
J.k -  i have something to say...SOMETHINGGG !!! --wow your voice ,n your song awesome!
Well the goods thing bout no photo and video is most of the songs is like my first time seeing the performance n choreo !! im so overwhelm by that . I did enjoy the concert (altho i may have sit in one of the stage) hehe but i still waving the litestick like  im weak (i dont have enough sleep from previous flight)
I really salute J-Hottest or Japanese audience because of their dicipline, they also participate in each solo song with the lightstick. Red-Khun, Yellow-Junho, Blue- Wooyoung, Green -Taec, Pink- Jun. k, Purple - Chansung.This is the moment which tempt me to take photo but i did not, yes i need to follow the rule.
It is so prettty and i like the rainbow too *all color of lightsticks.
I really enjoy the concert .

Since it is still 9pm i take a cab and went to the famous mall - Canal City Hakata. Oh, please do note that most mall close at 7pm. I just searching any restaurant which is still open. I ate seafood spaghetti at one of the restauran here. 
The mall as as in its name has canal around it.

After that i go back to my single room at Best western.I also consider this as unique coz there is no single room hotel in my country.(eg if u travel alone u still need stay in twin,double bed) I think they only have this in Japan and Korea.

The next day early morning, i went to airport via subway (the hotel located next to subway). Osaka here i

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