Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Osaka Adventure & Halal Udon

There are many pass offer to tourist in Japan, eg. Osaka Pass, Kansai Thru Pass, JR Rail pass so which one  should we choose ?

In my opinion JR Rail pass  is suitable for anyone who want to explore all vicinity of Japan with the advantage of access to JR shinkasen (bullet train) . But if you just want to focus in one area it will not worth it.
Osaka Pass - This pass will only exclude JR  but doesn't include train to Kobe, Nara,Kyoto
Kansai thru Pass- This pass also exclude JR but include  Osaka subway ,train to Kobe , Kyoto and Nara.

First what i did was, i compare the normal ticket price to all the place i want to go in Hyperdia.
Hyperdia is a service which offers the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan.
With simple operation, "Hyperdia" guides the optimal route and the fare from starting point to end. You can also choose to exclude JR train for the route option.


I also find out after i get back there are another apps - Navitime For Japan Travel  which has the same function but  another good feature which is offline search for Wifi Spot.

I just add the total cost in Hyperdia and  compare the Pass price.Well after my analysis , the total cost is 7000yen in 3 days , in comparison with Kansai Thru Pass the price is only 5000 yen for 3 days and this include Nankai Line (train service from Kansai Airport to Osaka city subway + subway +Hankyu + Kobe + Kyoto Line.
 The best thing about this pass is you don't have to use it consecutively. Eg for 3 days u can use it Monday , Tuesday and last day on Friday. It also comes with discount coupon for certain tourist spot.
In my case this is the best pass for me according to place that i wanna go. We bought this pass at Travel Desk Kansai Airport.


For Hankyu and Nankai Line there are option of Rapid Express, Limited Express & Local. Limited Express means they will stop at only few selected main station.

Kansai Airport Facility For Muslim
Kansai airport provide prayer room and you can taste Halal  udon here!(N1 -Second Floor)

I choose Warm Udon Noodle (540Y-Regular) Other option will be Normal udon/without soup udon

You can add Tempura (choice of chicken, vege,prawn)

My warm udon with vegetable tempura and green tea

JTB also provide this guidebook list of Halal restaurant which u can get it at Matta Fair / Travel Fair.

More on Kansai Airport (KIX) facilities :

You can also follow JTB facebook for more info :

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