Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Osaka Ryokan , Osaka Castle and Sky Umeda Building

We want to experience a ryokan style once so we choose this hotel : Yamatoya Honten
The location is near Dotonbori and next to the Dotonbori canal.
The nearest subway will be Nippombashi Exit 2 ( From KIX transfer at Tenggachaya to subway line)
It is perfect location as it is near subway but exit 2 doesn't have elevator so we have to drag our large bag via stair.huhu

Once we check in, they gave us this chopstick as souvenir...yeay  i like free gift.

our room:

they give u free candy  and hot water
They also provide Yukata and you can try it on
In the evening ( we are out to tour Osaka)  the staff will prepare the tatami bed for u.

Every morning they will roll up the Tatami bed for you.We knew that base on the new towel and toothbrush and the table position once we are back.  (We kind of wanna tell them you can just let the tatami bed  be coz we never stay in our room) lol.

Overall it is a good experience for us.


First stop after check in.
Osaka Castle !
Since we are using Kansai Pass , our nearest station will be Tanimachi 4 chome station (exit 1 and 3)
Hmmm although it is the nearest but i think is 25 minutes of walking, first u need to find the osaka park , after that u can see Osaka Castle roof....well that is a motivation....breathe in..breathe out...or maybe u just need to be fit....hahaha 

the rooftop!!

the gate

yeay im finally here,you are a beauty
the gold mythical fish

 I believe the Osaka Castle Park will be so beautiful during spring with Sakura flower.

Time capsule no.1 is schedule to be open in year 6970. 5000 years after 1970
  Time capsule no. 2 was initiate in 2000 and will be open every 100 year until 6970.

Okcat with Osaka Castle

Taec the ceo with osaka castke

 Hmm so did Taec went all the way to Osaka castle by walking?  eeeey he did not take the subway. Anyway  since he is a beastly idol he may just run from the park to the castle...lol

After that , we went to see night view of Osaka at the Sky Umeda Building

With our Kansai Pass , we can get 10% discount entrance to the Floating Garden.
This image is from Wikipedia Sky Umeda

Night view

It is quite thrill to ride the escalator up there

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