Saturday, 8 March 2014

Unique things in Japan ! n Capsule Hotel

There are many unique things in Japan besides UNIQlo itself....(ok lame) .
Few things u can only find in Japan   :

1. Japan Kit Kat
They have unique flavor of Kit Kat eg. Green Tea, Cinnamon and some is differentiate by region eg. Kobe Pudding

*Kit Kat Japan ingredients may not suitable for Muslim.

2.Haagen-Dazs Sakura Flavour.

3. Starbucks Japan city tumbler /mug

4. Lotteria chocolate sauce
 Yup with additional 80 Yen u can dip your fries with Lotte chocolate.No chili sauce available (u can request for ketchup tho)
Lotteria is using vege oil and that is my shrimp burger. As a choc lover i can take this fries dip with choc thing,
5.Capsule Hotel
Actually the capsule hotel origin is for male workers to sleep in after "drink night out". Anyway it has become one of tourist attraction and i need to experience it. We took a private room (4 capsule in 1 room) . ( 1 person -4000yen) for 1 night ,so it is slightly expensive. You can took dorm for cheaper cost.

they have light which u can switch on n off

Alarm inside capsule
Mirror and u can pull the bind to close the capsule
Tv in the capsule

For private capsule room- they have lockers and mahjong table lol
The toilet and sink is in the same floor for private room ( outside room n share with others).
The bathroom / shower is on different floor (separate by gender). If u dont like/ not use to share bathroom/toilet  so u better go for conventional hotel

Capsules in female dorm

 I stay at this capsule hotel in Osaka. This capsule bed style  may not suitable for claustrophobic
 Im satisfied that i manage to experience it. Video:

Here is the hotel website :

n i bet actually there are more unique things in Japan other than this.

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