Monday, 3 March 2014

Buzz Korea : My Love From Another Star Location : N- Seoul Tower

N-Seoul Tower is one date location for Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon. They went to love lock location at Roof Terrace and dine at its Revolving Restaurant ( sorry no proposal for you Song Yi)

The lock symbolise the couple love and they will be together forever. I guess Song Yi also don't want to miss this "dating" experience.

Photo from my collection :

You can view Seoul from here. The place is beautiful in day and night. In night they have colourful light showcasing the beautiful tower. Don't worry even if you are single u still can come here although u  cant get your own padlock...i believe there are someone / some alien is out there...hahaha . Do Min Joon brings your friend here to the earth!!

How do we get here ?
Last time I took subway,take free shuttle bus and take cable car to go to this tower. ( the cable car ) is the influence from Boys Over Flower  hehe. (price is 8500won return ticket).OPPS SAWWRY Im not sure whether they still have the free shuttle bus to go to cable car. You can also walk from subway to the cable car area.

Anyhow u can ride this bus ( 950won)
Subway for shuttle bus is either Myeongdong (exit3) or Chungmuro (exit2). Namsan Sunhwan bus No.2 which last stop is N-Seoul Tower.

Ticket  (observatory) is 9000 won for adult. No ticket need for love lock area.(roof terrace).
For those couple, yes there are lock sell at the store in Nseoul Tower or you can ready by bring one from home.Lol. Maybe u can also spot the Seong Yi and Do Min Joon one too.

For more information here is the official website

Here is my favourite fan made video of Cheon Song Yi - the national Goddess!

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