Thursday, 6 March 2014

When a south east asian travel to 4 seasons country -check list hahaha

I found out Osaka lowest temp is 2'c . I was like OMG. Can i survive this.
This is my list and i just do it for fun . It is almost spring now but even after 15'c i think i still need to wear a light jacket. What to do my country is 27'c to 33'c , I'm not use to anything below that.

1. Coat / Sweater /jacket with some long john
Actually it doesn't need to be a very thick furry one. What i read is you just need to wear 3 layer of clothes even if u don't have a good coat.Eg 1 coat and a 2 layer + (long john  add on with shirt)
For me i have fleece shirt and fleece coat so a 2 layer of fleece is already done enough for me.If it is not from fleece material back to 3 layer one.

The only problem when you travel in one coat is your photo...(coz it will look almost the same) which is why you need to match up with different scarf , muffler and so on. But if you travel with more than 1 coat it will take a lot of your baggage space. bohoo .
Anyway Uniqlo did brought a new solution by fitting the jacket into small bag . I am Uniqlo fan and their heattech series is cheaper compare to other company long john.It comes with good color and pattern too.

The fleeces and the ultra light down series by Uniqlo.

2. Muffler

3. Socks and covered shoes.
 Daiso socks only cost you RM5 and they have winter range section

4. Gloves
RM5 gloves from Daiso.

5. A thermal insole (maybe crucial during negative temp) ! In my opinion not a must item coz a thick sock can save you rm5 . keukeu.

6. The ultimate saver !! The heatpack.
 To the one who create this ,you are brilliant !! hahaha.
Still Daiso is the cheapest than any other company selling heatpack. Well Daiso is from japan, a 4 seasons county.RM5 for 9 packet that is cheap right.. If you went to Japan is cheaper(due to forex) its only cost you 105 yen ~ RM3.36

They have the stick on shirt and hand held type. Life saviour... haha (so much drama)

oh i also find new interesting product which they try to localize it, Universal Traveller create a tudung/ headscarf made it from fleece. I bought one . The promo price is RM28.
I don't feel any difference , so it is not a crucial one for me.

We also need some cream too coz the cold weather will make your skin dry.

I think if someone from  4 seasons country read this they must have laugh at me... why make such a fuss ?? jakun sgt orang ni... hahaha coz when u come to my country u can just visit in light cloth and some sunblock if you are going to beach.easy right??


  1. Macam saya juga dulu... long list yang tak de noktah masa 1st time travel to korea. Kalau ingatkan..memang malu sendiri. Hihihi