Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CaffeBenne Malaysia

Yeay Caffebene is here in Malaysia !! Its time to try new flavor and new menu, not like your usual cafe  or ehem Starbucks. The cafe grand opening will be this Saturday on 8 Mac 2014 , 11am , Sunway Pyramid.
It will be launch by my favorite Running Man - Lee Kwang Soo !!! Welcome back !

 The store :

Korea has their own shave ice dish which they call Patbingsu. In Malaysia you can relate it too Abc / Ais Kacang. I think this range will be perfect for Malaysia coz unlike Korea , we experience summer all year, 24/7. lol.

I ordered cream and cookies . Other flavor are strawberry and green tea,They give me 2 spoons . So yeah u can share with your friends, spouse. It has two size single and double. This is single size and i cant finish it.

 I also order hot Sweet Potato latte... ( not your typical latte)

Next time i want to try this.

I like all the things i ordered except the waiting time is too long...or maybe because they have a lots of customer that day. Same as in Korea, u will given an alarm and the alarm will buzz once your order is ready.
Funny thing when i was there, a male customer jokingly ask the barista " what is this ? Ufo ka ? " hehe

"Keep calm until it vibrate "
Anyhow i will come again for sure. From the store ad, the second store will be opening at Mont Kiara.
Please come on 8 March if you wanna see a giraffe preparing coffee hehe.

Location : Sunway Pyramid , Lot  OB5.G.2 ( near jusco, orange area)
More info please check here :
FB : Caffebene Malaysia  : https://www.facebook.com/caffebene.asia

Website : http://caffebene.com.my/

Caffe Bene inform in their FB that this cafe doesn't serve pork and alcohol.

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