Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wifi in Japan

I went to Tokyo before and its really hard to get wifi connection even when i was in Haneda Airport
Therefore i have decided to rent a wifi devices for this trip.
Mainly because i need to use it for google translate and map which require Internet connection oh and some instagram lol
I rent the wifi device for 4 days (3960 Yen) Unlimited  Data.
It can connect to 10 device (so 4 of us decide to share it)
Since i need to transit to Fukuoka once i reach Osaka ( i have to take the premium delivery service coz it is before 9am) that require me additional Yen. Originally it is free delivery but only  if u pick up during office hour.
Once i arrived at Kansai airport, I just need to show my passport and receive my parcel.

Tada my pocket wifi and the manual

The prepaid envelope usable in returning the device

It is very convenience to stay connected and my sister even watch some kdrama during Osaka to Kyoto journey.  It can last 10 hours. 

They state in their FB mailbox is everywhere in Japan. It is quite true ,i return this wifi at Lawson, Universal City (a 24 hour convenience store equivalence to 7-E) .  The mailbox is near the cashier counter. 

Believe me the wifi fit into it!!

Here is the company website  :

What to do if you dont rent this ?
1.Japan has improve this and there is OSAKA wifi, Fukuoka Wifi at major station and attractions. You just need to register and reconnect back after 15 minutes.(I went only to Fukuoka and Osaka)I think Tokyo more/less same ?   (Tokyo)

2. My younger sister who also went to  Japan trip found this starbucks wifi registration (it must be done in advance). Buy a drink and enjoy your wifi.

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