Monday, 24 March 2014

Kyoto Day Tour

My original plan was to visit Nijo Castle and visit Kyoto Mosque. We take Hankyu train from Namba. It is our last day using Kansai Thru Pass (3 days) . However my sis lost hers and as stated in the guide book no replacement for lost we have to buy a normal ticket for her.
You need to buy ticket from the machine provided. You can just press English and follow the instruction for JR, Subway Line. However for Hankyu..nope no English but we figure out as we ask the local to show us during our visit to Kobe. You just need to refer the romaji table-usually next to kanji located up to the ceiling and check how much is the fare. Eg Arashiyama - 490 yen  . Just insert your money (eg500 yen)and 2,3 buttons will blink  which allow u to choose 200/ 490 so u choose the same fare 490. The machine will give u ticket and balance if necessary.
Q to ride Hankyu train to Kyoto

While sitting in the train i realise that this Hankyu line has its own stop at Arashiyama.I read before this place is stunning beautiful.Change plan,  we are heading to Arashiyama , with one transfer . I have checked it has the same fare -490 yen from our original stop .(for my sis who doesn't have pass)

Once i arrived at the station we can see Rent -A- Cycle store... ok not sure what happened but we decide to rent the bicycle. It is 400 yen for 2 hours.
Caution : Riding bicycle is a skill. if u never ride one, u cant learn it in few minutes....Err don't u watch Full House???
Its been LOOONG time since i ride one. First try , i cant balance my body...uhuhu..second try success!!! Back to school days....

Imagine this view in Spring and autumn......

the only tree with flower...i think it is plum tree

Arashiyama is definitely for nature lover.
We cycle our way to the bamboo forest. The bicycle shop  will give you a map and u can also follow the sign provided along the way. Anyway the Bamboo Forest is near to JR station than Hankyu station ( advantage for JR pass holder)

You can also ride this rickshaw in Arashiyama

Next- we need food. Planning  to go to  Rose cafe in Kyoto which is next to the mosque. However the station that we went is far from the restaurant Wrong info and the person is sure  We take a cab .the metre is still 550 yen when we arrive at the cafe. Some taxi start with 660 yen. For a group of 4 it is cheaper to take taxi than ride a train especially for 1 -2 stations distance. For example train fare is 200 yen X 4 pax = 800  when u ride a taxi total 1 car is 550 yen or 660 yen only.

We walk along imperial park before we take taxi

Rose cafe building

its halal!! i eat burger here
the mosque is not actually a mosque and doesn't have minaret. The actual name is Islamic Cultural centre(just next to rose cafe building and follow the small sign) . You can buy halal goods and  pray here. We were welcome by our muslim brother from Indonesia. He show us the prayer room.

He also guide us the nearest station . From Islamic Cultural Center we across a bridge and walk along until we see the station entrance /exit. The station near "Kyoto Mosque" and Rose cafe is Keihan  Jingu Marutamachi station

crossing the bridge and turn right to get to Keihan railway

Our next stop is Gion. It is famous for classic Japan building and if you go at night u might see real Geisha

After that we went to Inari shrine for sightseeing.

We went back to Osaka but since it 7pm most people just back from their office  and i dont get any seat. You  need to q in advance to secure a seat.

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