Monday, 24 March 2014

Universal Studio Japan Osaka

Yeay unleash your inner child...its usj day ! We purchase normal train ticket to USJ (the kansai pass is only valid for 3 days and today we are going to JR stations which is not cover in the pass). The nearest train station is JR Universal City.
No wifi today as we only rent it for 4 days and i  mail it back  at Lawson Universal City. You can also return it at airport should u utilize it till day of departure.
Same as in Disneyland they also has colorful train full of cartoon character.

We bought the entrance ticket in advance in Malaysia to avoid q and to save some money (from forex). You can buy it at Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) rep in your country.

Once we arrived at USJ....its raining ... if we have another day we will extend this but from the weather forecast it will be raining for the whole week at Osaka. We have been travel to Kobe ,Kyoto , Wakayama it is all sky clear there. Well ,  time to use the umbrella ..ella...ela..

Universal Globe!
Although it is raining and on weekday , there are still large crowd from the local. Universal really know how to makes money lor.. they sell Elmo/ Snoopy ponchos and umbrella for the visitors.
I bought Elmo headband and the staff said "Kawaaii" lol im so happy but once each staff  said Kawaii ...hmm maybe part of their script lol

Remember to check the info and show time once u arrived. During our visit the park close at 5pm.
Since i have been to Universal Studio Singapore ( USS) im just gonna skip whatever i've watch and try at USS . They still open the rides altho it is raining but its ok im gonna skip that too..
We went to 
-Sesame Street 4d. Elmo speaking in Japanese is so kawaii.
- Jaws - the waiting line is 30 minutes but it is worth it.
- No halal restaurant here but we did try at Jaws area they have seafood base restaurant and we drink coffee and sup kerang. nak makan benda goreng tp tetiba ragu2 sebab tak semua pakai minyak sayur. Maggi pun bawak jugak, kalu aritu jumpa tempat air panas sure epic makan maggi di USJ tp sebab dah jumpa sup dulukan, takdela nak carik.
U can bring your own food tho. They don't check your bag.
-Backdraft - expect a lot of is so suitable during this cold and rainy days.hehe
-Hello Kitty ribbon collection - U can take photo with Hello Kitty. You can purchase the photo  if u want. The staff talk to me in Japanese - ok "wakarimasen".... she LOL so hard and change to English. She just need my name in order for Hello Kitty to  greet me later......sebab masing2 tak sempat keluar kamera, dah kena paw ngan hello kitty kena beli sebab gambar tu cantik.uhuhu
 other than that we just stroll in the park with our wet socks...uhuhu

Air tenang jangan disangka tiada Jaws

I want to visit studio 14 too but ,USJ just ended the Hologram showcase (one week before i arrive Japan). They collaborate with SM entertainment.
TVXQ at studio 14
I also went to Back to the future because 2PM was there. ..eheh
U know Marty rides Delorean right ? Not my day ,Delorean already back to future... apparently the Delorean display will only available in certain day...cehhh.

Untuk muslim , takde prayer room tapi boleh solat dekat baby centre near entrance dan kawasan sesame street (selepas Hello Kitty). Muat untuk seorang sebilik  untuk solat.Untuk lelaki kenala mintak kebenaran kut sebab ini bilik menyusu anak sebenarnya.

Available food :Snoopy bun with custard filling , Snoopy red bean cake and soup.

Oh the next attraction in USJ will be Harry Potter ! Not sure whether it is separate entrance or included in USJ but is almost complete now. We can see Hogwarts from far.Should i go to USJ again? OTL

 Souvenirs available :

My favorite: coz this is the cheapest souvenir only 100 yen !!

We also received USJ pen by filling survey  and snoopy sticker at the entrance. Im gonna miss u Hello Kitty. Btwi do hope in future USJ will provide free

After exit , we went to Hard Rock Cafe just outside USJ to check out any exclusive HRC merchandise

From JR Universal City  we went to JR Osakako station (only few stations) to view Kaiyukan Aquarium architecture. Tempozan ferris wheel is also located here but it was close for renovation during our visit. The aquarium itself is the largest aquarium in the world.We stop by at souvenir shop on our way to Kaiyukan buying fridge magnet and stuff. Its our last night in Japan,.We went to Kansai airport early morning and save some fare to kansai by buying Kanku Chitoku card ( a card combine with subway interchange with Nankai line at Namba). Bye Japan

its already dark at 7pm when  we arrive there so my photo doesnt do the building beauty any  justice  so i just borrow wiki photo hehehe


  1. pun maybe nak pegi next year...nak tanye skit blh...mase pegi USJ, betul ke yg b'tudung x dibenarkan naik Hollywood Dream & Space Fantasy??...coz sy ade bace bebrape blog yg kate x rase b'belah bg lak nak pegi ke x bile dengar rule ni...rase rugi pegi kalo x merase 2 main ride ni...huhu...

    1. Alamak...saya mmg dah lama bersara naik rollercoaster ni so hari tu mmg tak pegi...pegi tempat jaws, 4ds other than rides lol..sorry tak tau tapi mmg ada dengar juga pasal ni..sebab dorg takut tudung tu tercabut n stuck kat railway....masa kat Korea ( penyebab retire lol) ada gak dia tak bagi tapi saya tunjuk ikat tudung kat belakang or my sis experience kat hk, dia masukkan tudung dalam baju..(tunjuk takkan loosenyelah) just kalau nak tak jaminlah kalau boleh..tapi macam saya tak naik rides pun still boleh enjoylah usj.

  2. salam, nak tnya....USJ ticket admission sahaja ke u beli? kalau tak beli ticket express pass rides but still bole enjoy the rides ker?

    1. Aah beli tiket masuk je..noleh je naik rides kalau tak beli express tiket.dtg awal n terus q kat tempat yg nak p tu. Contoh kalau nak naik harry potter punya roller coaster bukak je theme park terus ke situ dulu...yg lain2 tu kemudian.tu yg kena dtg awal amik park.punya map or view softcopy dulu untuk terus ke rides yg kita nak pegi dulu

  3. Assalam. Snacks/gula2 jual dlm harry potter pny kedai boleh makan tak? “Timed-entry” utk Wizarding World of Harry Potter tu, maksudnya nk masuk/keluar kwsn harry potter tu kena ikut wakty yg ditentukan ya? Terima kasih

    1. Yang snacks tu kena check ingredients saya minum butter beer je dekat harry potter. ada gak baca yg masuk takde pakai timed entry. ..waktu kami mmg kena apply tiket..kena follow waktu masuk tu untuk elak terlampau ramai orang. Apapun mmg first masuk USJ pergila harry potter dulu sebab mostly semuanya aim nak pergi sini.