Monday, 24 March 2014

Smartphone traveller

My smartphone helps me a lot when i travel. Ofcourse now smarphone has become our pc,alarm, camera and organizer. Additional function when u travel are :

1. Google map - gps
2. Google translator
3. Your report to family /friends - via instagram, FB, Twitter , Kakao, Whatsapp (at least they know u are alive)
3. Relevant Apps  - Tourist language / Subway Map / Train info for transfer and fare / Qiblat compass for Muslim.

I'm using Samsung note 3 ( no, they don't pay me) but i really like this feature- Increase Touch Sensitivity
At last i don't need to open my glove when i need to capture or browse something.
Great  function during winter travel.

Usually we only copy word to translate in google translate. But how about thru image?.. I try out google translate by image. Berguna untuk terjemah kandungan makanan untuk muslim. It is easy...but the setback it might not works on all words. But it is quite useful eg if you have nut allergy u need to check for ingredients / and for Muslim and vegetarian - to check on soy emulsifier,shortening
1.Capture and choose to translate

 2.U can also use image store in your media  for translation. The photo button is on the right side

and repeat  highlighting words that u want to translate.

quite useful....

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