Saturday, 8 November 2014

Japan Sim Card & Getting Around Japan

Last time i rent a wifi for 4days it cost me 3960 yen ( but at that time we share for 4 pax) the hassle is u have to stick together at all time.
This time i travel alone, so i choose to rent a sim card. I rent from cdjapan website. It cost me 2840yen for 7 days + inclusive shipping fee to hotel.Fair enough i need it just for some googling , instagram , google translate and in crucial times google map!

Hotel in japan especially if u want a private bathroom is expensive...i also need to control my expenses. other way to reduce cost is inclusive of sleeping at airport  and I travel via night highway bus from Nagoya to Tokyo . yeay when I wake up im already in Tokyo.(plus shinkasen price can be more expensive than flight lol) bus is the economical way. Plus their highway bus have plugpoint so u can charge all of your gadget all night long.

sim card

This sim card is totally for internet usage. no call and no sms. You just need to mail back to cdjapan after the rent duration and there is mailbox at the airport. Senang je...

Ic card
Last time i only use daily passes, eg JR pass, 3 day kansai pass. I never own a ic card which is a prepaid card. Bought one at Nagoya coz my travel budget < pass. I just need standard ticket, so i better use this ic card i just need to tap and go. Nagoya card is call Manaca and u can buy it at the machine.  I can use this card at Tokyo too.


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