Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Korankei Nagoya

End of October view

My sis already back to KL , she also manage to view Chubu's sky deck...hmm i also have a choice whether i want to go back to airport to visit the sky deck but i choose to go to Korankei instead. Korankei is the most time consuming to travel but it is the perfect place to view autumn foliage in Aichi perfecture.
You may also experience traffic jam in November because it is so popular. 

Take metro to Toyotashi station or Higashi Okazaki and wait for Meitetsu bus.You can also go to the Tokyo plan , Kaikan Museum from Toyotashi but u need to reserve the admission ticket first .

Its raining ,and it is so cold. I asked cafe staff at the station to check the schedule for me. Thank god i rent a Japan sim card so i use my google translate apps. There is not so much info  in english .Therefore i try my best and reduce my Manglish for this post.Incase  it can assist others. The auntie write down for me the schedule ( 1 bus every 1 hour) going to Asuke. I think mine is 8:40 am....sorry i cant recall.

The bus is in pink color and dont worry Asuke is written in roman on the bus. Korankei is the 18th stop.
 There is also screen showing you the current stop inside the bus.

It is foggy due to the rain. My south east asian body is also shivering but this village is very pretty and calm. It is worth it to travel here. Cant imagine how pretty it will be in mid November !

ginko tree

Since it is cold , i just want a hot drink. Again i have to use google translate , i try and order soba lol but she said xxxxxx ( i cant understand) lol that is why i just ask for hot drink. Funny thing is hot drink in Japanese is still hot drinkeu lol .I just said coffee then.Turns out that restaurant only sell ramen lol as translated by Jae.no wonder no soba. Auntie/okasan ? is try her best to communicate to me i only said to her Kominasai , wakarimasen when i paid my coffee. She just said something like "its ok" haha

The next bus to Higashi  will be at 12:51 ( also translated by Jae haha) so i still have time for soba. Went back to soba restaurant near the red bridge.

Soba - 650 yen

There is no bus to Toyotashi from 10-3pm that is why i choose Higashi Okazaki (800yen). 30 stops from Korankei...im  a sleepy head...zzz but before i doze off i can view the nature from the bus window. Oh we can use the manaca card ( prepaid card) for bus fare but on the way back i have to use cash.(forgot to reload) OTL
There are 2 machines besides the driver one is for coin change and one for payment. I put my coins to the coin change machine...yep all the small coins went burst out...The driver just laugh at me.You pay only when you arrive at your stop.


  1. Salam.. blogwalker here.. how long did u take to reach korankei? I am going with a two year old so need to manage time wisely for his nap time etc. Appreciate ur feedback. Thanks.

    1. Aaah i dont time myself on the bus but i think from Toyotashi is about 40min and back to Higashi is about 1hour....