Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What i ate in Japan...urm a lot of Green Teas

Green tea the drink

Green tea the ice cream

Green tea ice cream with Nagoya castle as background
Green Tea waffle at waffle  shop, Kintetsu passe Mall ( same building w tower records Nagoya)

ok change to yellow icecream
n black chocs

but still the best one will be this one !! lol its cheap and i got fries too. Lotteria shrimp burget set ! Terima kasih kerana pakai minyak sayur.

 but there is exception lol I went to Harajuku and i know there is Lotteria there, suddenly on my to Lotteria a guy gave me brochure with halal kebab with rice , it is just next to Lotteria store. ok reroute.Ayam halal + nasi kat harajuku ni haruslala try ! 
this kebab stall is inside at the foodcourt next to lotteria

 lainlain tu roti gardenia, Adabi sambal tumis ikan bilis dari KL...hahaha mekasih CikTon.
As for local cuisine i did try vege ramen and udon....that one deserve to be in special  post.

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