Monday, 17 October 2016

Day6 Live Concert Dream in Bangkok 2016 n a bit of got7

I went to Day6 concert last August. yup this is an overdue There was a big member Air Asia sales and I managed to buy a return ticket from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur worth rm90 only + points. Only after that ,I buy the Day6 concert ticket and AA ticket KUL to Bangkok.(less than rm140)

I want to buy the cheapest seated ticket but during the launch the ticket is sold out. I kind of freak out as  I have a return flight ticket. "I need a ticket, any ticket lol" so I click the middle price ticket of ...(yes my logic is not so logic). All standing will get a hitouch but I dont need a hi-touch, I just want a photo op if any. My ticket only won the signed poster from random draw..( ok I am still lucky compare to the other who doesn't win anything at all)

Fan can still participate to get the photo op by buying the Day6 Thai version album .It is also by  a lucky draw. I only buy 1 cd. ( coz i need to try 1 at least) Omg, I won. I guess I am only lucky with Day6 eg I get into their fansign, I buy album with "Live" ticket  in it (actually Ani the one who get it but i am the one who buy it lol) , got the signed poster and finally a photo op. For the photo ,I only manage to say "Hi"..thats it hahaha.

Pocket calendar given by day6 thai fanbase  + candies and my daydream Thai version

As usual no photo and recording inside venue and I dont bring my galaxy camera at all. I just dont want to get into any trouble.

Highlights :
1. The special stage among members. That was DOPE!
2. The impromptu song-omg they are so talented, please give them a listen y'all.
3. The special fan project. Young K approved this.

this Dowoon bday project is too funny

It is so fun and entertaining that I wish Day6 can perform in Malaysia too.

Post Day6 .
After concert we hunt for Got7 est cola.

The special Hamburger magazine
oh by the way on the same day Got7 is holding their final concert in Seoul. ( cant believe I dont go to any of their FLY tour) but I cant miss Day6 too... ( what a JYPN trash).  I also manage to trade a BamBam wappen to Mark wappen with Thai agase here.

The propose JYPN is also at the same venue...i dont buy any flight ticket as I already went to Japan stop.
P/s JYPN bangkok this November is cancel as Thailand is still mourning on the late King. Rest In Peace.


  1. wow you're so lucky compare to me :)) I bought the most expensive ticket but didn't win anything LOL
    I also buy 10 albums but yeah =)))) still nope.

    1. Hi fellow MyDay! but I beleive u got to hitouch them right last time? They will be back to Bangkok this August For Sunrise FM, i hope u are lucky this time! I saw the organizer have upgraded the package to fansign + selka ? Wish u all the best!! ( i dont think i cant go unless AirAsia is having sale again lmao)