Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ryan Cafe, Kakao Friends- Gangnam

Ryan cafe is part of KakaoTalk character. He is a lion without mane....but he is sho cute....nomu nomu kiyowo...baebaebaby (sorry i listen to much of IOI and Twice lately)

Ryan Cafe is at 3rd floor

Apeach rasberry + Muji Banana Macaroon and Ryan  Nuttela Frap !
The 1st and 2nd floor is selling all the MD, you need to pay 100w for the plastic bag and you can choose any design.

Yes that is a toothbrush

I can only afford to buy this the fridge magnet (2000won) lol - Apeach. (coz of  Got7 Jinyoung) .Anyway I can be too righteous sometime, like they have other character of plastic bag but for my understanding each character is different size of plastic bag...so I have this guilt why would I need a large plastic bag if i only buy a small thing...what about the earth?...lol ..so  just like that I let go the Apeach and Ryan character plastic bag option..yeah no jam.

Nearest subway  : Gangnam station exit  10
5 min walks  - walk straight 2 blocks

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