Thursday, 27 October 2016

Short runaway to Seoul, Myeondong and K-Live

I bought  last minute ticket to Seoul, i am taking Air Asia of course. I'm being emotional and felt that I really need to go some other place. Seoul will always be my getaway place...( the statement sound so irresponsible but Seoul will always make me happy. My favourite people is in Seoul n they are having a comeback too ( altho they don't remember me LOL)

First thing to grab - Banana Uyu !
I stay at Philstay Ewha  boutique dorm. Too bad on the day that I arrive there is no Mcountdown pre-recoding,only live show for 2PM and Got7. I chose to buy cd first at Myeondong as you need to cd to enter music show. It is trends nowadays for comestic brand to collaborate with any character , the first one will be Line, after that Sesame Street , Kakao Friends and now Pokemon! It is irony when South Korea cant even play PokemonGo   except at Sokco beach . p/s They are using Naver / daum map instead of google map.

SJK is everywhere

Tony Moly x Pokemon
This is creative and cute makes me want to buy 1.
Pikachu Mini Cushion

It's skin x Sesame street
GOT7 mask

Kakao Friends, Mickey and Pooh
Twice By Spris
Not just cosmetic there is Pokemon x Krispy Kreme too ( still in Myeondong)
2pm 's Gentlemen's Game

Got7 Turbulence
The damages- it is usual for the store here to give additional free sample ( 2pm mask and the cute Charmander) 

From Myeondong I went to Lotte Fitin for K-Live * subway Dongdaemun Culture & History
Ofcourse I chose JYP nation hologram show. . 6 songs but the quality is daebak... I really feel like I am  seeing them live.. ( another place to catch JYP nation hologram show is at Sentosa, Singapore). You can also buy the official merchandise here. Ticket price : 15,000 won
It is cheaper if you book online 12, 000 won

BamBam the one who did this right ? lol
The sell SJK mask too
Fill out the survey after the show and you can get this Tote bag

Of course  I must go to JYP - i saw JB and Wooyoung hehehe

Jinyoung bday ad at Apgujeong rodeo

Jinyoung bday ad at Ewha
I only manage to watch Got7 and 2PM performance during the Sale Fiesta ( aka mubank )

thank god for the large screen at coex -JB

Chansung and Khun

oh yeah and I also manage to visit common ground. For the music show ,it turns out Got7 become more famous and they manage to attract local to be IGOT7. Well since I am silver I don't have any chance ( throwback to the comparison when I'm not  even a silver but still manage to go to "Hajihajima " prerecording) but I'm cool with that too. For me as long as I'm in Korea , I'm happy trip became K-drama trip , i even saw SJK live at red carpet !!
in the end I still need to face my worries myselfy and overcome it...anyway I'm satisfy with my  adhoc solo trip getaway.( i just need to work extra hours to pay for the plane ticket hahaha)
By the way credit card is my super power and it become my weakness once the statement is out LOL
Publis Sevice Annoucement : Use your credit card wisely

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