Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Travel : Then and Now

Blue boat house, Perth

A lot of changes evolve in tourism throughout the years.

  1. When I was a kid, my parent will book a group package. People buy the airline ticket at the travel agent, there is no access to buy your own flight ticket.

Then :

It is a must to use tour guide in the past, nowadays people still using tour package for comfort and they afford to pay for th e service . Phot Credit: joangarry.com 

Youngsters choose backpacking due to budget constraint and control of the itinerary.Backpackers/ Free Independent Traveller is common nowadays.  Photo credit to :travelweekly-asia.com

2. Then- Paper map

Photo credit : vidiani.com
Now- Online Map

Photo credit : androidpit.com

3. Then  ( well not so "then" some still using it ) Power cord extension

 Now - upgrade to USB multiport adapter -yeay! to more luggage space and 7kg hand carry

All the evolution is due to technology, internet and smartphone has made travelling so much easier.


  1. duniaaa makin canggih.. semua dihujung jari ^^

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