Friday, 16 February 2018

#cokeplay Giant Vending Machine at Hongdae

In conjunction with PyeongChang Olympic, Coke- one of the sponsor is organizing a special event in Hongdae. The concept of the building is as seem it was a largest  Coke vending machine.

Venue/ Lokasi :  Next to Hongik University ( until 26th  February)

Subway  : Hongik University Exit 9

Entrance Ticket is earned by posting #cokeplay hashtag via Instagram or Twitter. In exchange, each person can get his/her name personalize on the Coke Winter Olympic edition.

The building from outside

Ground floor : All Winter Olympic Special Edition Can

You can play games and earn coin to play this machine ( which Im not good at). Gift include the polar bear soft toy, poster of Kim Yuna and Bogum.

Before going to the top floor, you can get a free Coke from the Coke Bar.

Afterwards, just write your name on the card for the customize coke.  Maximum 8 characters for an English/Roman character name.

A lot of celebrity was there. The spoke person is Kim Yuna and Park Bogum. I also can see Somi, Stray Kids, Mamamoo photo on the display.

my customize coke can

"if you don't take a photo here you are stupid" It is kind of a trend now in Seoul to include English word such as Great and Stupid lol in your sentence

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