Saturday, 17 February 2018

Seoul in 2018 with AirAsia and Incheon Terminal 2

I am back in Seoul for Wooyoung and Day6!

The flight ticket was expensive but suddenly AirAsia drop the AirAsia Big sale, wait no more- I was able to purchase the flight ticket at half price + baggage.

I stay at Philstay Ewha Boutique . It is my 2nd time there.
- near to the subway ( Ewha) + free breakfast
- all female
- equip with privacy curtain, toilet with bidet
- I always book via Agoda to earn Big points or Traveloka if they offer a discount hehe.
This dorm definitely my favourite. They also accomodate my request to stay at lower bunk :)

click  the photo above to check availability and price

Curtain and private lamp for privacy
breakfast menu : toast and cereal
Pocket wifi:
I chose Travel Recommends.

However,  they run out a promo after I book the pocket wifi..sigh.Well since sharing is caring :

Promo code:  WIFIHUATAH 
Book by 28th February
Rm10 off.

Rm15 / day. I chose pocket wifi instead of roaming /sim card as I have Samsung Galaxy Camera. It will be my android backup should my mobile phone out of battery ( especially in winter ). I can still connect with others using message via Instagram and Twitter.

AirAsia flight experience

I am seated at aisle I can go to the toilet easily.I ordered Nasi Ayam , but I think the taste is not as delicious as it used to. I also tried their onboard only sale Onigiri. You can choose a combo set with Miso Soup. This soup is a bit salty but it was the best to warm up your body. The just so-so

What caught my attention is this lucky bag "Fukubukuro". I want to buy it but at the same time, I do not think I will use whatever item inside the bag. I hope anyone can share what they got if they buy this. I also noticed that AirAsia is selling the universal adaptor for rm50. Quite ok if you forget to bring the adaptor. Semestinya paling baik jangan tertinggal barang apa2, tetapi jika tertinggal hah takpe beli atas flight sahaja. Berpengalaman beli kat airport, harganya rm80 sobs.

Reach Seoul at  3pm and my first tour will be the newly open Incheon Airport Terminal 2. You can take free shuttle bus from Terminal 1. This terminal 2 only cater 4 airlines at the moment ; Korean Air, Delta Airlines, KLM and Air France. Shuttle bus is every 5 minutes from Level 3 and it will take 20 minutes to the terminal.

This hangul deco is pretty

Special desk for Winter Olympic

The Arex and Transit Train is also available at Terminal 2 ( which is now the final station )

I also like the fact that there is more toilet with bidet at Terminal 2.

Return flight.
The flight was retimed ( delay 4 hours) . AirAsia offers to change the flight for free or refund credit due to this delay but I just stick to the new flight. They send out email and sms to inform passenger about the change.I cant claim from my travel insurance tho as it is less than 6 hours. Due to a technical issue, a new plane was direct to Incheon to cater Kuala Lumpur route.

I ordered Nasi Lemak and I want to try the Festive Special  Emperor Fried Rice but it was sold out. I guess that is the bad side of seating at seat number 40+.

I discover this plane was used for Osaka - Honululu route from this menu. All in USD okay.

Since my flight will reach around 8pm , I purchase some snack which is Snickers ( I want muffin originally but it was not in stock). I also discover Minute Maid serve with ice is the best combination. Especially after late evening sleep lol.

Bye Seoul  see you and when I see you .

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