Monday, 21 May 2018

B'chill Cafe Bangkok

Since we are already in Bangkok, we decided to visit B'Chill-BamBam family's cafe. It is not located at Bangkok city center therefore we chose to use Grab. Plus we read tips in advance that the cafe  is nearby to Suvarnabhumi airport too. Thus B'chill is our last place to go before flying back to KL.

The fare between Impact to B'chill is around 700+ baht and it takes 1-hour drive. When we reach there, there is already a long q at the counter. ( well full of ahgase going to the concert)


We only purchase beverage as the food is nonhalal. You can also take a selca with BamBam brother / sister who is in charge of the order. Beer was on schedule during our visit.

white choc mocha

The beverage price is quite cheap, my white mocha is only 75 baht. When I went to the airport all price is double.  Since it is full of visitors ( ahgase) lol so dont expect the drink will be ready immediately. We don't mind actually plus we came to give support to Bambam and his family.

From Cafe to airport it takes around 30 minutes but there is no available Grab car within that area. Thank god there is a lot of taxies so we took a taxi to Suvarnabhumi.