Sunday, 9 November 2014

2nd trip to Tokyo

I stay at Tokiwadai flexx inn. It is only few station from Ikebukero ( which connect to 2, 3 lines). Once i arrive at Tokiwadai station i use google maps to find the hotel. You just need to follow the railway to the right and it will lead to the hotel.

Actually the hotel is  a service apartment. Miccrowave, cooker, toilet with washlet availble.oh btw Most of toilet in Tokyo/osaka has washlet / bidet . senangle pegi toilet sini.... apartment ni sesuai gakle sebab boleh panaskan makanan , ada cerek bolelah makan magi ke apa ke. Rate rm170.

You can also use iron ( take it from receptionist) after 9pm u need to enter password to the hotel.

I went to place that i cant visit /not exist yet in 2012. oh i also almost go to Jeff Bernat show in Shibuya...but i dont have cash to buy the ticket.

Since i also want to visit Taipei, i bought Vanilla Air ticket to Taipei ( only for 1 day). coz i see my hottest friend do it...why waste another flight ticket from KUL...just transit ler
Sebab bucket list nak pegi 101 kan ...sehari cukup.

Takuya is still famous
2pm is famous here, got7 gonna follow their step

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