Monday, 10 November 2014

Vanilla Air vs Air Asia

Vanilla Air actually was known as Air Asia Japan until Air Asia pull out their investment. I cant help to compare this both low cost carrier.

I chose Vanilla Air to go to Taipei coz of its affordable price. Urm i was late few minutes b4 they close their check in counter at Narita Terminal 2. They still let me in check in , thank you.

Once the head steward start talking , i got this "eh this kind of like Air Asia feels" lol
The introduction is not like  typical airlines.
eg: My name is XXX i know my english is good but i never been to , the stewardess is  XXXX she love to play golf.... she use to golf when she have time...full of wit n fun n then they start the safety brief.

I have experienced this in AirAsia which the steward also use line of wits during the safety briefing.

Vanilla Air extra points :
  • They accept coins n card for food  !!   Last time i check still no coins for AA

I have a lots of coins in my pocket....
I bought mineral water (its from Mount Fuji ok!) and custard bun

  •  free check in luggage  of 20kg  urm they just change this policy on my flight. Now they have 2 type of fare.the simple fare will no longer receive free check in luggage. But i travel light its ok for me. This will be their best feature if they still keep it.
There are small air turbulence along the way, But Vanilla Air safely bring me to Taipei.  While the one who gonna bring me home to KL from Taipei is Air Asia X. if it not bcoz of low cost carrier i will not be able to travel anywhere. Thanks guys...

I read Aa will still continue their investment in Japan for domestic market.... please compete well...coz it will benefit me the customer, the most.

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