Sunday, 9 November 2014

Gundam Cafe , Odaiba.

All Gundam fan should visit here. Im not a fan but im amaze with large robot in Odaiba. In 2012, my first visit to Tokyo, Gundam Cafe and Diver City is still not exist. I just went to Fuji station,Toyota and statue of Liberty replica there.

In Korean variety show, Junu n Junseo also visited here but they are not amaze with Gundam movement...but i am lol .

jakun tu tengok robot sebesar alam pastu boleh gerak gerak.

okcat want a selfie with Gundam too

My Gundam video. Not sure what time does the show start coz when i arrive the show already started.

Odaiba view

They are few ways to go to Odaiba either Daiba station or Tokyo teleport station. You can also try the river cruise from / to Asakusa.

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