Sunday, 9 November 2014

Got7 Tokyo Hitouch and Around The World Promo

Since i already in Japan y don't i extend from Nagoya to first time attending this event.
I already have few hitouch cards , i got 2 young boys team ( Junior, Yongjae, Bambam & Yugyeom). With Jae assitance , manage to exchange 2 cards of old boys team ( JB, Mark & Jackson). Moge also exchange with me 1 old boys card... total is 5 cards.

The feeling when i open the cd , nervous, excited just in case if i got another hitouch card....keukeu

hitouch card

Aunee is my guide for the event lol, we meet before 7am just to get a tix for Got7 performance before hitouch start.The tix entitle you a good view-just in front of the stage. But everyone is already q when we reach there. i guess they akready there b4 6am? so we don't get any of the tix.

the event was held at LaQua, see the rollercoaster ?
It is just next to Tokyo Dome, their Senpai -2PM was there !!

First we need to change the card to this coupon. The staff will give the hitouch card back to you and they will punch it as proof it has been redeemed.

hitouch coupon
Event start at 2:30pm The boys sang Around the world and So lucky . Still altho it is open place, you cant record it. After that everyone q for the hitouch. You cant use  2 coupon in one time. You need to q again in order to use the second one. Things that i learnt, hitouch can last till 9pm...uh oh. My flight is 9.25pm...i have bad feeling for this .

My first q with Aunee only 20min to A team  however the second q for B team took almost 50minutes..the crowd is bigger and bigger ( as fan can still redeem the hitouch coupon till 4:30pm) .i doubt i can use all of my coupon. I need to rush to airport. However i met Avee , she let me slip in into her line.TQ so i m able to use 4 coupon.  I gave another 1 to igot7 behind me.

Lesson learnt :
1. Don't buy flight ticket on the same day of hitouch event lol. Plus if u take morning flight from Tokyo, u can view mount Fuji and take picture of its beauty.
2. Dont redeem all of your hitouch...coz usually there are 2 location for hitouch. In Got7 case, 2nd location is Osaka. Meaning u can keep the card  for the next location of even give to your friend if u cant redeem it. Once you change to coupon , tettt the card is invalid anymore.
the q...see the white partition..the boys was there
3. Dont be starstruck,,hahaha be prepare coz u only have few secs with them.

What do i said to the boys...hmm i already share this on twitter.Don't want to repeat it  but most of the time is ask them back to KL. hehe. Short moment but still still a sweet memory. Oh i also manage to get on to my flight. I went back to Ikebukero subway ,take my bag from locker and take train to Narita.( altho actually i almost denied to check in) huhu Tq Vanilla Air for still let me check in. Tq Aunee,Moge, Avee for accompany me during the event. 

Suggestion to Sony:
1.I think it will be more efficient if fan can q  only 1 time if they have A & B Card. Eg after going to A team, fan can just go to B team directly no need to go to the back of line again.. will save a lot of fan and singer time too. 
2. Let the fan use the coupons in one q. eg 3 coupon let the fan stay longer or 3 time hitouch in 1 q?? pretty please.

Around The World Promo
Tower Records Shibuya.
Just go to Shibuya Hachicko exit. go to the right after u cross the famous intersection.

1st floor

Tower record event-Got7 water
4th floor
3rd floor
1st Floor

Tsusaya Shibuya

JR Harajuku station

Congrats on your Japan debut GOT7 !! it was on top 3 oricon !! Woots. Noona contributed right? lol Noona also almost travel around the (okay quarter only)
All the best for your Korean Comeback , full album - IDENTIFY !!
Saranghae <3 <3 <3

Around the world CD
I buy more than 1 cd for the event.I have extras Version C cd. I'm selling it a discounted price( M'sia only) . You can left the comment here or can dm me at my instagram (id : goodgirlgotravel)

Around the world MV :

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