Friday, 30 March 2018

Coca Cola Hokkaido Factory

Coca Cola Factory in Sapporo

There is a reason why this Coke sign is at New Chitose. Their Hokkaido factory is located here.
All Coca-Cola was produce and bottle here. You can also visit the factory for free but the tour is conducted fully in Japanese and at an allocated session.

As a Coke lover, I want to visit the factory as well.  I filled the form however I never got any reply. Thus I send another one from different email lol and enquire but they reply that they never receive my email for the application, they also confirm with me the timing available for a visit if I want to join.

I will not provide their email here but the email /application is googleable lol. The reason is we ( foreigner ) is not their main target and customer. I don't want other people who want to go there for the sake of doing other than normal tourist did.( not a true fan) . To be honest who will visit factory when there is tons of great scenery arround Hokkaido LOL. Plus what if actually at first they want to ignore my email hahaha but because of my persistence they allow me to visit ahahaha.

Plus going there by bus is a challenge. Taking Chuo bus without any Japanese reading ability is a challenge. Even in google map, the bus stop name is in Kanji. We are just lucky that we are able to ask for the local help and we saw the factory from the bus window and press the bell lol. You can go there via taxi but it will cost you a lot.

The factory tour guide name is Miss Asahi . She speaks a bit of English and very friendly. She asks us to leave our heavy bag in the room. At first we are given English brochure and we watched some video about Coke History ( inclusive one video feat Japanese Boy and American Girl). Miss Asahi will explains in Japanese first and come to us and explains the key point in English.

Miss Asahi explains to me * after she explains to another Japanese visitor* during an earthquake or emergency the vending machine will reset and the public can take the drinks for free. my first response was " Sugoi!" well all of the other visitor laugh at my Japanese ( Total visitor including us= 6 pax)

You cant take picture at all inside the factory. But we did see the packaging process, the information on vending machine development, the bottle / can recycle process inside the factory. The most amazing thing is the storage. It is massive and was organized by a machine. It has almost 12 levels.
The tour takes 1 hour and we can choose a free drink of any brand process at the factory. We also got Coke folder for free. I thought I can get the limited edition bottle at the factory but they dont sell it there. They have only for display.

Miss Asahi said I can buy the Hokkaido edition at the shopping area nearby the Sapporo underground. However the next day we went to the Sapporo Tv Tower and they sell this coke as a souvenir. ( You cant find it at 7eleven or family mart)  I managed to buy Hokkaido edition and Sapporo Snow festival can .

Hokkaido Coke with the free folder as background. No coke  for sale at the factory

I choose to drink Lohas for the free drink

It is a unique experience for me !

P/s dekat Malaysia pun ada kilang coke juga tp tau hanya budak2 sekolah sahaja yang buat lawatan.

Btw the peach coke is available at any convenience store. The peach taste is strong so whoever dont drink coke might like this one.

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